WWE Officially Announces The Signing Of Prince Devitt

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Several months ago, I wrote about a top indie star rumored to have signed with WWE, but nothing more came of the rumors — that is until yesterday. It was officially announced through numerous sources — all through Twitter – […]

WWE Raw Predictions (7/28): John Cena Returns

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Tonight’s episode of Raw is shaping up to be an episode designed to lay the groundwork for SummerSlam. There are several storylines that have gotten a wink and a nod or are downright obvious that they’ll happen, and they should be solidly put […]

TNA May Be Going Out Of Business Soon

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Reports coming in from TMZ are saying that Spike TV are not renewing their contract with TNA come October. It was a decision that was finalized over the weekend and means in October, the wrestling world is going to be rocked. TNA is the second-largest wrestling […]

WWE NXT Predictions (7/24): Will The Ascension Meet Their Challengers?

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I’m hoping that tonight’s episode shows us a real contender for the Tag Team Titles with a group that’s actually capable of testing — and possibly defeating – The Ascension, rather than seeing the duo of monsters run through everyone all the […]

WWE Raw 7/21 Predictions: Brock Lesnar Returns While John Cena Films A Movie

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Last night was the Battleground PPV, so tonight’s Raw is going to be the fallout of everything that happened. That means Triple H and The Authority are going to come out and strike down their ruling fist on all of those who didn’t do what they were […]

WWE Battleground PPV Tides Fans Over For SummerSlam

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Fans were gifted with one heck of a PPV last month, but sadly, Battleground did not live up to the same degree of excellence as Money In The Bank (MITB). Granted, MITB had an inherently better chance at being a great PPV, with the MITB […]

WWE Battleground Opinions and Predictions

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Are WWE Superstars Rusev, Lana Being Forced to Change Their Gimmick?


As most of you know — unless you live under a rock — there was a civilian plane that was shot down in the Ukraine this past week and there has been a lot of speculation as to who’s responsible. […]

Will WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Be At The Battleground PPV?


Rumors have been circulating –much like they always do in regards to wrestling– and this time there’s a hint of potential truth to the claims. With Battleground nearly upon us, many people are wondering what’s going to happen in the main event […]

WWE Superstar KENTA Will Come In And Dominate NXT

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Since the announcement of WWE signing KENTA, it’s been expected that plans will be to use him in NXT before bringing him up to the main roster; the lesser known part of it all is just how much success he’ll experience. Shortly after the contract […]

WWE Raw Reactions (7/14): Sting To The WWE Finally Happens

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The biggest takeaway from last night’s episode of Raw has nothing to do with this Sunday’s PPV Battleground. Instead, it’s that Sting finally made some kind of appearance on WWE TV. While I had long hoped WWE would be smart enough to book Sting’s first […]

WWE Raw Predictions (7/14): Ric Flair, The Authority, An NXT Diva, And … Sting?

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Ric Flair will make his return tonight. Whether that means he’s coming in as GM of Raw or Smackdown, I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that’s the plan. The last time we saw Flair, he came in just […]