WWE Needs More Electrifying Matches Like Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro Antonio


Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan showed their experience in the ring on Smackdown. What a brilliant match they put on for their fans Friday! The audience was somewhat disappointed when Kane announced that the shaggy bearded superstar was going to […]

MVP’s Dynamic TNA Appearence Starts Good Rivalry


Now that TNA has a voice of opposition, the show has already become more balanced. Unlike the Authority we recognize the out of control ego behind Dixie Carter’s regime. Maybe they are less patient than WWE, and maybe the WWE will address why Shawn Michaels messed up Daniel Bryan, […]

The Authority Needs Cutthroat Business Philosophy


Vince McMahon made the statement that he has envisioned a wrestling world where there are no heels and no faces. It seems that the Authority is under this belief as well. Unlike McMahon in the attitude era, Triple H and […]

Is Powerhouse Titus O’Neil Turning Heel Good For Business?


Titus O’Neil is often overlooked in the wrestling world. He had a gimmick with Darren Young. They hugged each other and swayed from side to side screaming, “millions of dollars.” Like Fandango, the crowd loved to mimic it, but they did not […]

5 Reasons Why TNA Impact Was Better Than Monday Night Raw Yet Again


Royal Rumble A Tremendous Disappointment Outside Of Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt


Whoever paid $50 for the Royal Rumble got something equivalent to a Goldust slap to the face. It was predictable from start to finish. If anyone didn’t suspect that Roman Reigns or Batista was going to win, then they haven’t […]

Batista’s Story Hopefully Ends at Royal Rumble


People aren’t just sipping the Kool-Aid, they are slurping it down by mouthfuls. The WWE’s Royal Rumble is coming up and everyone is excited about the return of Batista. They are asking themselves, will the Animal win the contest and become […]

TNA Impact: Austin Aries And Chris Sabin Should Get More Exposure After Genesis


The X Division championship changed hands once again, and I am really not that upset. With the match that Austin Aries and Chris Sabin put on during the second week of Genesis, they can wrestle each other on every Impact show […]

Sting Leaves: What’s Next For TNA’s Heel Gang?


Genesis the second just concluded with a shocking ending. The icon Sting has left the plush halls of TNA. It was a weird thing the way that TNA did it, with Kurt Angle finally overcoming Bobby Roode in a steel […]

Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle: Steel Cage Reverberates Beyond Genesis


TNA Impact Genesis continues, and their old guys can still wrestle unlike in WWE. Batista’s return moved me to sluggish misery on Raw, and I need TNA to step up this week and deliver a show worth watching. I am […]

WWE’s Kofi Kingston Should Take His Gimmick From Richard Sherman


Kofi Kingston was stuck in a weird feud and a love-hate relationship with The Miz, and now he is going head-to-head with Randy Orton. I love it! Kingston is a great wrestler, but his character always seemed flat to me. […]

Brock Lesnar Stinks Worse Than WWE Writing Staff


Big guys like Vader and Kane can spring off the top rope. They are massive physical specimens, but they are also athletic and understand the business. Big guys like Samoa Joe can even fly in between the ring ropes and […]