WWE: CM Punk’s Departure Caused By “Injury”?

AJ Lee, Paul Heyman and CM Punk Promo

On Tuesday, the script to Monday Night Raw was leaked online and it revealed a little bit of information on CM Punk. At the bottom of the page showing the list of heels and faces, Punk is under a miscellaneous group […]

Paige, AJ Set To Become the Next Trish, Lita

Paige Wins Divas Championship

I was glad AJ retained the Divas Championship at Wrestlemania in the Diva Invitational; there wasn’t a better female wrestler in that match than her. When she called herself the “best Diva in the world” the next night on Raw, […]

AJ Lee Needs to Leave Wrestlemania as Divas Champion

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

AJ Lee losing the Divas Title at Wrestlemania XXX in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational would show the WWE isn’t worried about the competitive aspect of that division. She has held the title for over 300 days and is […]

CM Punk, AJ Lee & the Top 10 Real-Life Pro Wrestling Couples

WWE & E! Entertainment's "SuperStars For Hope" Event At The Beverly Hills Hotel

15 Pictures of Newly-Engaged Couple CM Punk and AJ Lee

CM Punk and AJ Lee2

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk And Divas Champion AJ Lee Get Engaged

CM Punk and AJ Lee

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, former WWE Superstar CM Punk and current WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee have been engaged. There is no word yet on when the wedding will take place. CM Punk walked out […]

Champion Or Not, WWE Diva Natalya Is The Class Of The Women’s Division


She may not be champion, but there’s no denying Natalya‘s talent once she steps between the ropes. As the best female wrestler in the WWE, it’s a shame she isn’t pushed at a higher level. As recently as Tuesday night, Natalya […]

Is AJ Lee Losing Because Of Relationship With CM Punk?


Despite scoring a submission victory over Natalya on Main Event, reports suggest that AJ Lee is being punished over her relationship with CM Punk. Some insiders are saying that Lee may not even be on the WrestleMania XXX card, while […]

WWE Misused Kaitlyn During Her Time In the Company

AJ Lee hugging Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was released from the WWE earlier this week because she was unhappy with the way she was being used. Kaitlyn started in the WWE in a strong way as she was the winner of NXT Season 3. It wasn’t […]

WWE: Survivor Series Was Trash


Besides the match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, the WWE‘s latest PPV was nothing more than a simple bust. Absolutely no match got the crowd going wild, and none deserved any of the attention or money […]

WWE: AJ Lee Spoke The Truth On Raw

Photo Courtesy of AJ Lee - WWE Universe Facebook Page

It finally happened: something in the Diva’s division was actually relevant to me. In the second hour of Monday Night Raw, AJ Lee came out after Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a standard Diva’s match, and really just let loose on the each and everyone […]

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston Has Staying Power

Kaitlyn and AJ Lee

Ever since Dolph Ziggler turned face at Money In The Bank, it evened up the score with the opportunity of teaming up with Kaitlyn, who is a direct rival right now with AJ Lee, which also leaves an up-and-coming star in Big E. Langston to team up with […]