NXT’s Arrival Event Failed Next To TNA Impact


If anyone caught the opening match in NXT Arrival, they are very fortunate. Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn battled to the end and expended a great amount of effort to put on a good match. It is unfortunate that the […]

WWE Needs More Electrifying Matches Like Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro Antonio


Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan showed their experience in the ring on Smackdown. What a brilliant match they put on for their fans Friday! The audience was somewhat disappointed when Kane announced that the shaggy bearded superstar was going to […]

Antonio Cesaro Finally In the Main Event Spotlight

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

After months of being in the fold with the Real Americans with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter being his manager, Antonio Cesaro has been thrown into a main event on a major pay-per-view match. As seen on Raw, he was […]

Real Americans Can Be More Than Just Jobbers

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After months of a back and forth push, maybe we can see The Real Americans have a steady run with a long streak of wins. For some reason, the WWE cannot make up their minds on if they are going […]

No More Indy Guys To Be Signed By WWE

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WWE has finally put an end to the wrestling business. They are officially an entertainment business. Some will say they have been entertainment for a while now, but that’s not the case. WWE has had a track record of singing […]

Antonio Cesaro Displays His Deadliness On NXT


Claudio Castignoli, better known as Antonio Cesaro, just put on a heck of a performance on NXT! For those who don’t know, NXT is the WWE training ground for their next crop of superstars. Although a lot of the wrestlers […]

Tired WWE Storylines Need Competition To Rouse Them

Photo Courtesy John Cena, Official WWE Universe Facebook page.

WWE is a rolling, omnipotent conglomerate and it needs to be put to a humbled halt. They need competition badly so they can get back to true creative form. Last Monday’s Raw was a snore fest. I was nodding off even though […]

Who Are Your Favorite WWE Superstars?

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Antonio Cesaro Is The Most Underutilized Talent In WWE

Photo Courtesy of Antonio Cesaro - WWE Universe Facebook page

It doesn’t matter what role he is in — from yodeling to being part of the Real Americans, Antonio Cesaro is bound to put on a world class match with anyone he is put in the ring with. He was rewarded with […]

WWE Not Exploiting Darren Young Shows Growth As A Company

Darren Young

In this day and age, with WWE blurring the lines of what is real and what is fake, it is a welcome sight to see Darren Young and the Prime Time Players return to Monday Night Raw without a hitch. Young, […]

3 New Challengers For WWE Championship After SummerSlam

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WWE has hit the jackpot as far as championship contenders. Daniel Bryan is set to take care of business when he faces John Cena for the WWE title. That will take place in under two weeks time. He is the […]

WWE Labels Antonio Cesaro As “Boring”

Antonio Cesaro In WWE

When Antonio Cesaro debuted in the WWE last year, big things were expected from him. Now, it seems the company has lost interest in him altogether because they think that he’s “boring.” A part of me somewhat agrees with the […]