Top 5 Underrated Wrestlers in WWE History


The Case for John Cena as One of WWE’s All-Time Greats

John Cena

Many “smart” wrestling fans like to think they’re above kayfabe, but every once in a while we let ourselves get sucked into the ballyhoo of professional wrestling and logic flies out the window. Your author is no different. For years […]

Maria Menounos Inducting Bob Backlund Into WWE Hall of Fame?

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    Bob Backlund being inducted into the WWE 2013 Hall of Fame was a big announcement made earlier this year. Backlund is one of the forgotten all-time greats that seem to get lost in the shuffle. Backlund will be […]

The WWE Hall of Fame Gets More Watered Down Every Year

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Since we are now officially on the road to Wrestlemania 29, not only are we anticipating a stacked card of matches that will have us talking for years to come, but it’s the night before Wrestlemania that really stays with […]

Bob Backlund Finally to be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame

bob backlund hall of fame

As seen on Raw, Bob Backlund has been named as the second inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame 2013. Backlund has wrestled for many years but started off wrestling “for real” in amateur wrestling. He then started professional wrestling […]

One Word To Describe Episode 1000 of Raw …Grand!

The long wait and extended journey to Raw 1000 finally has arrived at the station. As we are told on a weekly basis, Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television program in history, and since this show has […]

Monday Night Raw. Episode 999

Tonight marked the last Monday Night Raw that will be numbered in the triple digits. This was episode number 999, one week before the industrious episode 1000. Coming off the heels of last nights WWE Money In The Bank 2012 […]

Bob Backlund Makes WWE Return On Monday Night Raw

bob backlund returns

Bob Backlund was once on top of the pro wrestling world.  That time was long ago but that did not stop the former great from returning to Monday Night Raw to put Heath Slater in his place.  Backlund is just […]