Can TNA Survive Much Longer?

Impact Wrestling Arena

TNA Wrestling held its “biggest” PPV of the year, although many seats were empty at the arena that night. Bound for Glory is advertised as TNA’s biggest event. It may not be as big as WWE’s WrestleMania, but it’s billed […]

Who Is Going To Win The 2013 Bound For Glory Series?

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The Bound For Glory Series is definitely the best thing that TNA (or Impact Wrestling, if you prefer) has going for it. The excitement and competition that comes out of the 12 wrestlers competing for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship is just […]

Hulk Hogan Hints At Another Wrestling Run

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  “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in“. These famous words come from legendary film character Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) in The Godfather part 3. These words have found its place in current […]

What Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame Induction Means For The Future

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TNA Slammiversary XI is officially in the books, and has received a great deal of positive feedback from the internet wrestling community so far. The overall show delivered big-time in terms of match quality and the in-ring stories that were […]

Hulk Hogan’s Latest Battle In the Courtroom Rather Than the Ring

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  Hulk Hogan is once again leading the headlines. A possible comeback to the ring? Nah. A possible mentor/managerial role? Nah. A possible opening of a “Hulk Hogan Wrestling School” to make the next Immortal One? Nah. Instead, the former […]

Hulk Hogan Itching For One More Hulkamania Run

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  Maybe the theory that we have all learned actually is true, maybe Hulkamania WILL live forever. Well, if it does, it most certainly lives within the mind of the man himself, Hulk Hogan. After watching The Nature Boy Ric […]

TNA Removes PPV Events From 2013 Calendar

TNA PPV 2013

Ever since WCW created PPV events for every month of the year, every wrestling company started to follow suit. The WWE was the first to mimic this strategy and fans could look forward to PPV events every month. When TNA […]

AJ Styles Might Turn Heel Soon

AJ Styles Dropkicks Sting

AJ Styles lost the crucial number one contenders match at Turning Point made him unable to compete for the TNA World Heavyweight title for a long 11 months until Bound for Glory 2013. Many people were wondering what will Styles […]

What Is Next For AJ Styles?

AJ Styles Get Kicked At Turning Point

TNA Wrestling superstar AJ Styles competed in a triple threat match at TNA Turning Point to determine the number one contendership for the World Title. Sadly for Styles, he was the person who got pinned in the match and cannot […]

Preview Of “TNA Turning Point” PPV

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  Live on Pay Per View Tonight is the 9th annual TNA Turning Point.  TNA Turning Point is one of TNA’s original (main) pay per view (in addition to Victory Road) of the companies history. Similar to Survivor Series, the […]

What Is Not Working For TNA PPV’s In The Local Movie Theater?

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For the past couple of years, TNA has been presenting their marquee Pay Per View, “Bound For Glory”, at local movie theaters as an option for fans to witness the live pay per view, giving us TNA Theater. This method […]

Bound For Glory 2012 Was The PPV That Reached The Glory

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  Tonight TNA presented its 8th Annual Bound For Glory ppv. For those that may not know, Bound for Glory is TNA’s marquee annual pay per view, treated as (for a better vision) the way how WWE treats Wrestlemania. With […]