Owen Hart’s Induction Into The WWE Hall of Fame Is Closer To Reality

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  After years of debate, years of fighting, years of unruly court battles the drama between the widow of legendary WWE Superstar Owen Hart, Martha Hart and World Wrestling Entertainment has finally come to an end. The Lawsuit that Martha Hart has had filed for […]

The Chicago Fire Continued To Burn At WrestleMania 13

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  It was an unseasonably warm day in the early evening of March 27th 1997 in Chicago, IL. Usually this time of the year, Chicago is prone to seeing winter extending later into the beginning weeks of what is traditionally […]

The Young And Ripe Took Over The Wheel At WrestleMania 8

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After taking a year off, WrestleMania would return to taking place in a large stadium. Over 62,000 fans would pack the Indiana Hoosier Dome for the spring spectacular. However, WrestleMania 8 would not live up to the expectations that were set upon it […]

Wrestling Flashback Friday (1991): Excellence Meets Perfection

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  The Summer of 1991 was white hot, in terms of all of the happenings of the World Wrestling Federation. Macho Man Randy Savage was just recently reinstated back to the WWF, per the WWF Fan votes and in coming […]

The 1988 WWF Royal Rumble Makes Television History

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  The 1988 WWF Royal Rumble may’ve been one of the biggest World Wrestling Federation programming gambles since the inception of Wrestlemania 1. The Original Royal Rumble took place on Sunday January 24th 1988. Unlike the present day program of […]

One Word To Describe Episode 1000 of Raw …Grand!

The long wait and extended journey to Raw 1000 finally has arrived at the station. As we are told on a weekly basis, Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television program in history, and since this show has […]