Top 10 CM Punk Matches

CM Punk Matches

Top 25 WWE Stars of 2014

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NOAH Star KENTA’s Move To WWE Only A Matter Of Time


While nothing is official, all signs indicate that former Pro-Wrestling NOAH star KENTA (real name Kenta Kobayashi) will soon be plying his trade in the WWE. KENTA made his wrestling debut in 2000, originally competing for All Japan Pro Wrestling. When […]

Predictions for Wrestlemania XXIX

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The biggest event in all of pro wrestling is upon us, Wrestlemania. Whether you’re a fan of the business, or if you’re a fan of The E or not, this event will be forever synonymous with pro wrestling. It is […]

Does The Rock Really Need the WWE Title in 2013?

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  “It’s important because I made it important. It’s prestigious because I made it prestigious.” -C.M. Punk talking about WWE title (RAW 1/21/2013) With the Wrestlemania main-event rematch between The Rock and John Cena now official (even though it really […]

2012 Pro Wrestling Awards Picks: The Best


Five WWE Predictions For 2013

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