Daniel Bryan’s Lingering Neck Issues Are Alarming

Daniel Bryan

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan made his first televised appearance in several weeks at Money in the Bank, doing an interview segment during the PPV pre-show. While fans were delighted to see Bryan back in a WWE ring, […]

Chavo Guerrero Drops out of Match with David Benoit

Chavo Guerrero Frog Splash Kane

A wrestling promoter showed how much of a piece of garbage he was this week by using the Benoit name to sell some tickets. David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, was set to make his debut during the summer […]

Is WWE Network Right to ‘Censor’ Chris Benoit’s Matches?

Chris Benoit, WWE Network, WrestleMania XX

The WWE did not censor Chris Benoit on the WWE Network. But they made a point to not put emphasis on Benoit’s performances. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see, due to not watching matches with […]

The Ugly Truth Behind The 2004 Royal Rumble

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The 2004 Royal Rumble was special, because this was the time where the WWE has finally fully readjusted itself in its re-branding process since the acquisition of both WCW and ECW from 3 years ago. The transition process was a bit experimental, but after some hits and misses, […]

The 2003 Royal Rumble Was The Next Best Thing For Wrestling

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As the transformation of the new pro wrestling era continues to emerge, so does the new focus and new direction of the WWE. Yes, the World Wrestling Entertainment, no longer the World Wrestling Federation. Back in the spring of 2002, WWF made the […]

The 2001 WWF Royal Rumble Makes Noise In The Big Easy

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  The 2000 Royal Rumble would be a tough act to follow, taking into consideration the blood, violence and sex of it all. But if blood, violence and sex was the formula for the 2000 rumble, then to take the […]

Hustler Magazine Is Still Getting Heat From The Family Of Nancy Benoit

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  During the holiday season everyone is working a little bit harder to come across some extra money so this way we can make sure we have enough to buy our wives that diamond necklace, and our son the G.I. […]

The Jovan Belcher Tragedy Hits Close To Home With Pro Wrestling Fans

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  Yesterday morning, (12/1/2012) the NFL Football world woke up to some very shocking and very tragic news coming out from from  Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend — the mother of his 3-month […]

Chris Nowinski Quote is Raising Some Eyebrows in the Media

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    Chris Nowinski is a name that most pro wrestling fans seem to have fade in and out in their memories. But for WWE wrestling fans who truly know who he is, we know that Nowinski isn’t necessarily known […]