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Top 10 CM Punk Matches

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CM Punk Says He’s Never Going Back To WWE

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The latest word on CM Punk is that his WWE contract is now expired. This appears to be the case as Punk has recently reappeared on social media and WWE Network. In his first major public appearance since January, Punk […]

5 Reasons Why CM Punk Will Make A Return To The WWE

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5 Reasons Why CM Punk Is Retired From WWE For Good

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CM Punk Announces New Endeavors When WWE Contract Expires

CM Punk Ponders

CM Punk has made plans already for the long life ahead without needing to worry about WWE. Punk’s WWE contract expires on July 17, and WWE won’t be re-signing or extending his deal. They could have extended his contract since […]

CM Punk’s WWE Contract Expires This Week, Teases Podcast

CM Punk

After months of intense speculation and swirling rumors regarding a possible return, CM Punk‘s contract with WWE will quietly expire this week. No new contract has been signed, and it appears that Punk is finally free from any and all […]

What Will Become Of CM Punk When His Contract Expires?

CM Punk With AJ Lee

Superstar CM Punk quit the WWE, although that was seven months ago. Next week is the day when his contract finally expires. To be exact, Punk’s current contract expires on July 17. Nobody really knows what Punk is going to do […]

WWE Raw (6/30) Reactions: AJ Lee Is Back

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For months now, the WWE Universe has speculated heavily on the return or potential retirement of AJ Lee, but the one thing that held strong through all of it was not knowing anything for certain. She went on a leave of sorts shortly […]

WWE Rumors: AJ Lee Is Pregnant

AJ Lee

In the WWE gossip news of the day, AJ Lee is rumored to be pregnant. The rumor was started on Reddit by user MetsFan4Ever, who has posted things that have ended up being true in the past. From Reddit: “I […]

WWE NXT (6/19): Was Return Of NXT Superstar Teased?

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  Last night on NXT, they had Devin Taylor do an interview with Colin Cassady (Big Cass), during which he sang the most well-known lyrics from “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin, “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza […]