WWE Raw (6/16) Reaction: Roman Reigns Should Be The Next Champion

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Monday Night Raw saw two combatants fill the final two spots in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. This was an expected and predictable turn of events, with less than two weeks remaining before the all-important PPV arrives. The difference between this show and […]

WWE Rumors: CM Punk’s Contract Could Be Renewed Via Technicality

CM Punk

CM Punk has been absent from WWE television since January. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but it’s now June and his contract is reportedly one month away from expiring. Despite being on the shelf/retired over the past […]

WWE Rumors: Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back For Money In The Bank?

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  If there is any merit to the speculation swirling around the WWE right now, there’s a very good chance we will see the return of Brock Lesnar much sooner than expected. It’s long been assumed he wouldn’t be making […]

WWE Money In The Bank Has Run Its Course

Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston

Everyone has their own opinion, but for my money, the best Money in the Bank ladder match was the first one. That match, which took place at WrestleMania XXI in Los Angeles, was thrilling, innovative and momentous. Edge, who was victorious, […]

CM Punk Chooses NHL Over WWE Payback

CM Punk Likes Hockey

WWE Payback is this Sunday in Chicago, as will be an important NHL Playoff game. CM Punk is going to the NHL game. Nobody expected Punk to really make an appearance at Payback apart from a few diehard fans. Some […]

5 WWE Superstars Who Could Fill The Void Left By CM Punk

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CM Punk Acknowledges Retirement

CM Punk Retirement Talk

CM Punk has finally kind of spoken up and has acknowledged that he’s now retired. Punk was interviewed by the Red Eye Chicago newspaper recently. One of the questions asked was how he felt about being retired at the age […]

WWE Needs CM Punk

CM Punk

There’s a famous episode of Seinfeld where George and Jerry discuss “the hand.” “The hand,” or the upper-hand in a relationship, is very difficult to get. Everybody wants it but only one individual can have it. CM Punk doesn’t need the WWE […]

Daniel Bryan Could Be Forced To Wrestle Differently

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Daniel Bryan‘s neck injury was caused by wear and tear over the many years he has wrestled, and he may have to play it safe when he comes back. Bryan is the type of wrestler who gives it his all […]

WWE Reportedly Signs Top Ranked Indie Superstar To Contract

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It has been rumored for quite some time now, that Prince Devitt would sign with the WWE. Talks have been ongoing for months and there has been a standing offer for him to sign, but no one was sure whether or not it […]

Has CM Punk Retired For Good?

CM Punk Could Be Retired

CM Punk‘s ex-girlfriend, Natalie Slater wrote an interesting post about the man claiming he has retired from wrestling for good. Punk left WWE under weird circumstances earlier this year. Many people thought he needed a break and would be back […]

Daniel Bryan will Never be the face of the WWE

Daniel Bryan

The current title reign of Daniel Bryan is emblematic of a champion who is still being booked like the mid-card talent the WWE suits believe he is. His reign is nothing more than a placating nod to the wrestling forum […]