Stone Cold Thinks CM Punk Will Be At WrestleMania XXX

CM Punk Could Be At WrestleMania XXX

Former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin is making a bold prediction that CM Punk will return to the WWE at WrestleMania XXX. Punk left the WWE apparently on very bad terms and has not spoken to them ever since. […]

How Daniel Met His Title: The Aunt Robin Screwjob

Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Title

It took a few days, but I finally got to see the ending of How I Met Your Mother. Spoiler Alert: Ted ends up with Robin after his wife Tracy passes away. It’s worth mentioning that she had a pretty […]

WWE Rumors: Stone Cold Is Wrong, CM Punk Won’t Return at WrestleMania 30

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin has the internet abuzz with CM Punk talk once again. Rumors regarding the BITW had settled down after he failed to appear in his hometown of Chicago on a recent episode of Raw. Once he didn’t […]

CM Punk, AJ Lee & the Top 10 Real-Life Pro Wrestling Couples

WWE & E! Entertainment's "SuperStars For Hope" Event At The Beverly Hills Hotel

15 Pictures of Newly-Engaged Couple CM Punk and AJ Lee

AJ Lee

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk And Divas Champion AJ Lee Get Engaged

CM Punk and AJ Lee

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, former WWE Superstar CM Punk and current WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee have been engaged. There is no word yet on when the wedding will take place. CM Punk walked out […]

Reason for CM Punk’s Departure is Cruel Truth About Low Self-Esteem

Reason CM Punk Quit

The last time we saw CM Punk, he was getting eliminated by Kane in the Royal Rumble. His character was moving in the direction of Triple H-Punk II at Wrestlemania XXX. The story never panned out though. Instead, he left […]

Triple H Continues To Bury CM Punk On TV

Triple H

Even though it’s been close to two months since CM Punk left the WWE, Triple H is still taking jabs at him on TV. The WWE remained quiet after Punk left the company, but now it seems they’re not holding […]

Triple H Offended By CM Punk?

Triple H Doesn't Like CM Punk

It’s being reported that Triple H was offended when CM Punk left the WWE and refused to work a match with him at WrestleMania XXX. This is all speculation right now since the two sides have yet to talk about […]

Royal Rumble 2014 Does Decent Buyrate

Batista Wins Royal Rumble 2014

Despite being one of the most hated PPV events of all time, Royal Rumble 2014 did decent PPV buyrate numbers. The preliminary buyrate numbers are now in for Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber 2014. Royal Rumble had 445,000 buys worldwide […]

Is CM Punk Returning At WrestleMania XXX?

CM Punk

There has been no sign of CM Punk in the WWE since he was eliminated from the Royal Rumble on Jan. 26. While his name has been brought up sporadically on television since his walkout from the company, the rule of […]

Triple H Takes Shots At The Rock And CM Punk

Triple H Speaks His Mind

He has been known to speak his mind on occasion, and Triple H‘s mouth was in full force on this week’s Raw. During a segment with Randy Orton and Batista, Triple H went on a rampage discussing how fed up he’s been […]