Chris Jericho Weighs In On Undertaker’s Streak

Chris Jericho Streak Interview

I always considered Chris Jericho to be a “perfect human.” The Rock gets all the credit as a wrestling renaissance man, but Jericho certainly gives him a run for his money. Very rarely is one person gifted athletically, comedically and musically […]

CM Punk Gives Chicago High School Baseball Team Pre-Game Speech

CM Punk

In the random pro wrestling news of the day, CM Punk is back to dropping pipe bombs. Kind of. The semi-retired WWE superstar has been spotted at a place other than the airport or a Chicago Blackhawks game. Yes, it’s […]

CM Punk Continues To Be Erased From History

CM Punk Upset

WWE has been erasing CM Punk from their history books as they continue to edit him off of television and even posters he was on. Nobody knows exactly what happened with Punk yet, but it sounds like he angered both […]

CM Punk Spotted in St. Louis, But Will Not Appear on Raw

CM Punk

CM Punk has quickly become the Waldo of the wrestling world. Where is he? Where will he turn up next? When will he return to WWE? Many fans thought they had a clue this past weekend when Punk was spotted […]

Billy Graham Thinks CM Punk Will Be Back At SummerSlam

CM Punk Looks Tired

WWE Hall-of-Famer Billy Graham made a bold prediction that CM Punk will be back in the company in time for SummerSlam. As Graham wrote on his Facebook page, he feels Punk has had enough time to recharge his batteries and […]

WWE: CM Punk’s Departure Caused By “Injury”?

AJ Lee, Paul Heyman and CM Punk Promo

On Tuesday, the script to Monday Night Raw was leaked online and it revealed a little bit of information on CM Punk. At the bottom of the page showing the list of heels and faces, Punk is under a miscellaneous group […]

Batista Is The MVP Going Into Wrestlemania

Batista John Cena

I take back hating Batista like every other fan in the WWE Universe. Running with the mutants was a hack thing of me to do. It’s like I became the type of fan who thinks they’re forward thinking by chanting […]

Stone Cold Will Be At WrestleMania XXX

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin has revealed he will be at WrestleMania XXX in some capacity. The interesting part about the announcement was that WWE didn’t spill the beans on his appearance. Austin let it slip when TMZ caught him at […]

Stone Cold Thinks CM Punk Will Be At WrestleMania XXX

CM Punk Could Be At WrestleMania XXX

Former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin is making a bold prediction that CM Punk will return to the WWE at WrestleMania XXX. Punk left the WWE apparently on very bad terms and has not spoken to them ever since. […]

How Daniel Met His Title: The Aunt Robin Screwjob

Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Title

It took a few days, but I finally got to see the ending of How I Met Your Mother. Spoiler Alert: Ted ends up with Robin after his wife Tracy passes away. It’s worth mentioning that she had a pretty […]

WWE Rumors: Stone Cold Is Wrong, CM Punk Won’t Return at WrestleMania 30

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin has the internet abuzz with CM Punk talk once again. Rumors regarding the BITW had settled down after he failed to appear in his hometown of Chicago on a recent episode of Raw. Once he didn’t […]

CM Punk, AJ Lee & the Top 10 Real-Life Pro Wrestling Couples

WWE & E! Entertainment's "SuperStars For Hope" Event At The Beverly Hills Hotel