WWE’s Stardust A Questionable Fit For Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes With Goldust

Stardust made his debut on Raw, but is this new identity good for Cody Rhodes‘ career? Rhodes had a good thing going when he was the tag-team partner of Goldust last year. They became the tag-team champions and were very […]

WWE Rumors: Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust In Works For SummerSlam?

Cody Rhodes and Goldust Buried

It appears that Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust may not be a dead match idea after all. PWInsider is reporting that WWE still does have plans to pit the two real-life brothers against each other in a singles match. As for when […]

Nancy Grace Angers Many in WWE With Stance On Ultimate Warrior & Owen Hart

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace has a lot of haters. A couple days ago, she didn’t have many from the WWE Universe. But now that’s all changed following a controversial segment on her HLN show. After the Ultimate Warrior‘s untimely passing on Tuesday, […]

The New Age Outlaws Ruined The Rhodes Brothers

Cody Rhodes and Goldust Buried

Cody Rhodes and Goldust were on top of the world until the New Age Outlaws ruined their push. Rhodes and Goldust were one of the most exciting parts of WWE just a few months ago. They had lots of great […]

Monday Night Raw: New Age Outlaws Can Prove They Still Have it

New Age Outlaws

The New Age Outlaws have a chance to shine tonight on Monday Night Raw when they defend their WWE Tag Team Championships inside a steel cage against the team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust. The outlaws defeated the Rhodes brothers […]

WWE Needs To Make Up Its Mind With New Age Outlaws

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

As someone who grew up in the Attitude Era and who watched the New Age Outlaws in their prime, it is really cool to not only see them back on a weekly basis, but that they’re doing so as the […]

New Age Outlaws Turning On CM Punk Is Good For Business

Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

Once again, Raw featured another good six-man tag team match, but this time with a different twist. The New Age Outlaws turned their back on CM Punk, and I believe it is due to the Authority. It should be noted […]

WWE Tag Teams Fighting With Nothing Behind Them

Image courtesy of Goldust Official WWE Universe Facebook page

The WWE has seemed to stress tag team wrestling of late, but with no lasting story behind it. I watch guys like the Shield or the Usos wrestle and think, “Why are these guys fighting? Where is the story?” All I know […]

Cody Rhodes Needs To Get Crazy


There is a new tag team champion and they are the Rhodes boys. Unlike Cody and Dustin Rhodes’ grandfather, who was the no-nonsense tough guy, the rest of them have subjected themselves to entertaining crowds. Dusty Rhodes, with his heavy, […]

Where Has The Intelligence Gone In WWE?


Wrestling fans are smart, and WWE needs to showcase this perceptiveness in their audience. They have played to the lowest common denominator for too long recently. Good heel characters like Damien Sandow are rotting in this limbo of ignorance. In […]

Big Show Regretfully Knocks Out WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes on Raw

Image courtesy of Official Big Show WWE Universe Facebook

The aftermath of Cody Rhodes‘ kayfabe firing continued on latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Just a week after Cody’s real life half brother Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust) lost in a match to then-WWE champion Randy Orton in an attempt […]

Why Does WWE Continue To Have Damien Sandow Lose?

Photo Courtesy of Damien Sandow - WWE Universe

It was assumed that when Damien Sandow won the Money In The Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’d be given some considerable momentum to make him look like a credible threat to Alberto Del Rio, or whoever was champion when he […]