Daniel Bryan’s Lingering Neck Issues Are Alarming

Daniel Bryan

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan made his first televised appearance in several weeks at Money in the Bank, doing an interview segment during the PPV pre-show. While fans were delighted to see Bryan back in a WWE ring, […]

WWE Money in the Bank Opinions and Predictions

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WWE Money In The Bank: Is Kane The Next Champ?


On Raw, Kane was added as the eighth competitor in the Money In The Bank World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, which at first doesn’t seem like much of a big deal considering his age and his involvement in the last couple of years. However, I […]

WWE Money In the Bank 2014: Full Preview and Predictions

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena II at SummerSlam?

Brock Lesnar

At this point it doesn’t seem like a matter of if Brock Lesnar will be in the main event of SummerSlam. It appears to be a matter of who he will face for the WWE title. According to the latest […]

Championship Ladder Match Will Reveal WWE’s Long-Term Booking Plans

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

The ladder match at Money in the Bank for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the major drawing card for the show. Some writers have espoused the belief that the PPV will be a disappointment. They may be right in […]

Daniel Bryan’s Title Reign Was A Flop

Daniel Bryan As Champion

Winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title should be a huge thing. Daniel Bryan‘s reign however, was nothing to celebrate. This isn’t Bryan’s fault; it’s just he suffered bad luck ever since he became WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan was on […]

WWE Raw Reaction (6/9): Daniel Bryan Stripped Of The Belts

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On Monday night’s episode of Raw, the WWE opted to open the show with yet another segment featuring The Authority threatening to strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belts. I wasn’t expecting such an earth-shattering moment like […]

There Might Be Two Money in the Bank Matches

John Cena Wins MITB

Two Money in the Bank matches are still taking place this year even though there is only one title in WWE right now. When the company merged the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, many fans were worried that events like […]

Daniel Bryan Is Not To Blame For Disastrous World Title Reign

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon

Daniel Bryan‘s third official reign as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was a complete disaster. It’s not his fault, but I doubt that’s how the company will portray the series of events that ended with Bryan being stripped of the […]

Daniel Bryan Is No Longer Champion

Daniel Bryan Not Champion

Daniel Bryan is legitimately unable to wrestle, so the WWE has stripped him off of the WWE World Heavyweight title. Bryan was expected to defend his title against Kane at the Money In The Bank PPV, but the doctors have told […]

WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan To Be Stripped Of Title On Raw

Daniel Bryan

After several weeks of speculation regarding Daniel Bryan‘s status following neck surgery, it appears WWE fans may finally have a clue as to what the future holds for the current world champion. SEScoops is reporting that Bryan has not been […]