WWE: Stephanie McMahon Should Return to Wrestling

Photo Courtesy Stephanie McMahon, Official WWE Universe Facebook page

Stephanie McMahon should make a serious attempt at being a full-time WWE star. She’sgot the look and the swagger and possesses some serious Vince McMahon inside her. Stephanie often appears on WWE television in spurts, like she is in the […]

WWE: AJ Lee Spoke The Truth On Raw

Photo Courtesy of AJ Lee - WWE Universe Facebook Page

It finally happened: something in the Diva’s division was actually relevant to me. In the second hour of Monday Night Raw, AJ Lee came out after Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a standard Diva’s match, and really just let loose on the each and everyone […]

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston Has Staying Power

Kaitlyn and AJ Lee

Ever since Dolph Ziggler turned face at Money In The Bank, it evened up the score with the opportunity of teaming up with Kaitlyn, who is a direct rival right now with AJ Lee, which also leaves an up-and-coming star in Big E. Langston to team up with […]

WWE Diva Division: How Does It rank?


The a WWE’s Diva Division took a turn for the worst when it lost such talents as Beth Phoenix and Kharma. These two ladies knew how to get it done in the ring and the brought everything to the WWE […]

The Resurrection of The Knockouts Was Shown At Slammiversary

Photo Courtesy of wrestlinglatino.com

  This past Sunday, TNA showcased their 11th annual Slammiversary pay per view, live from Boston, MA. In what has been heralded as one of the best TNA pay per views in quite some time via the fans on the […]

What Is Happening To The WWE Divas Division?

wwe diva eve

In a somewhat surprising move, Eve Torres has left the WWE as of today and Kaitlyn has now been crowned as the new Divas Champion as seen on the 20th Anniversary edition of Raw. Torres joins a host of other […]

The Attitude Era DVD Does The Job, But No Different From Other Releases.

Photo Courtesy Of Tribalwrestling.com

  This week, the WWE released its new DVD from WWE Home Video. The new released is “The Attitude Era” DVD, chronicling the golden days of what may’ve been the WWE’s most financially successful time period since the company has […]

The 26th Annual WWE Survivor Series Was One For The Books

Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

  Another Survivor Series is wrapped up and in the books, as the 26th annual Survivor Series is now said and done. As stated in some of the previous articles, The Survivor Series makes sure to deliver on a level […]

D.I.V.A.S = Division Is Vividly Apparently Slim


  This week was a very buzz worthy week for the WWE Divas division. First the news broke out that it is a high possibility that Beth Phoenix will not be resigning with the WWE next month when her contract […]

My Assesment of The New Era of 3 Hours of Monday Night Raw

raw supershow

A few weeks ago, in the unforgiving 97 degree Chicago heat, I spent the afternoon at US Cellular field, watching the Chicago White Sox make an example out of the Cleveland Indians. I was with two of my long time […]