WWE Rumors: Two Battleground PPV Matches Leaked Early

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The plan for tonight looks to be John Cena walking out of TD Garden in Boston – Cena’s hometown – as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and if you pay any mind to the Vegas betting odds, then Dolph Ziggler will exit holding the Money In The Bank Briefcase (MITB). This leaves the […]

WWE Money In The Bank Rumors: Who Are The Vegas Odds Favoring?

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With only a day until the Money In The Bank PPV, the odds coming out of Vegas are actually quite surprising in one of the MITB ladder matches. Seth Rollins has been expected to win the Briefcase Ladder Match since it was announced, with Dean Ambrose and Bad News […]

WWE Superstar Jack Swagger Should Be Fired

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In the span of 13 months, Jack Swagger has been responsible for two separate injuries that could spoil two careers, and it’s time he sees more of a punishment than being mostly taken out of the championship picture. After kicking […]

WWE Raw Predictions (6/16): Cleveland Ready To Rock Tonight

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Cleveland is home to Monday Night Raw tonight, and we should be in for some electrifying developments. There’s the storyline between The Shield and if not Evolution as a whole — minus Batista – then at the very least, Triple H, rumors of returning superstars, The […]

There Might Be Two Money in the Bank Matches

John Cena Wins MITB

Two Money in the Bank matches are still taking place this year even though there is only one title in WWE right now. When the company merged the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, many fans were worried that events like […]

WWE RAW Prediction (6/9): Will The Shield Get Revenge?

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Welcome to the first edition of my RAW predictions. Every week, I’ll have a new set of predictions and opinions going into RAW that night. This week seemed like the perfect starting off point, what with the remaining two members of The […]

WWE Money In The Bank Has Run Its Course

Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston

Everyone has their own opinion, but for my money, the best Money in the Bank ladder match was the first one. That match, which took place at WrestleMania XXI in Los Angeles, was thrilling, innovative and momentous. Edge, who was victorious, […]

Dolph Ziggler Will Never Make It As A Tweener

Dolph Ziggler and Batista

The WWE‘s Dolph Ziggler is a great worker. There aren’t many wrestling fans who’ll dispute such a claim. He’s in constant motion, sells like a champ and understands the importance of fiery comebacks. If you put two and two together, […]

Dolph Ziggler Mocks Batista Online

Dolph Ziggler Teases Batista

Apparently, Dolph Ziggler isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and Batista was his target this week. Ziggler tweeted: “Batista is the weak link of Evolution. He’s the only one who hasn’t evolved.” I’m not sure if Ziggler is speaking in character, […]

Pairing Up Dolph Ziggler And Summer Rae Would Help Put Ziggler Over Again

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio

If we’re going by wrestling standards, Dolph Ziggler stole the show last night. Now that CM Punk’s, gone Ziggler can rightfully hold the accolade of the roster’s best in-ring performer on his own. Nobody on Monday or Friday night is […]

X-Men Star Hugh Jackman Returning To Raw Is Best For Business

Hugh Jackman Raw

It’s a good thing that the Raw guest host era is over. A few years ago it seemed like a decent concept and a good way to get extra eyeballs on the WWE product. But now in 2014, the product […]

Is WWE Protecting Dolph Ziggler’s Health?

Dolph Ziggler Cashes in Money in the Bank

What happened to Dolph Ziggler’s push is one of the WWE’s great mysteries. It’s up there with the identity of fake Kane. The dirt sheets say Ziggler fell out of the main event because of an interview where he mouthed […]