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John Cena Reveals the Moment the “Cena Sucks” Chants Started

Cena Sucks

When you look back at wrestling history John Cena will stick out as the one guy who made more money from hate than any heel ever could. The fans who despise the chain gang leader inadvertently created his forever lasting […]

Why Are So Many People Excited About Rob Van Dam Returning to WWE?

Photo Courtesy of Ed Webster (Wikimedia Commons)

When Rob Van Dam joined WWE in 2001 as part of the Alliance, a group of former WCW and ECW wrestlers who battled with WWE for control of the company in an angle known as “The Invasion,” he was supposed […]

The 2010 Royal Rumble Lacked a Certain Edge, but Contained Another

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  The 2010 Royal Rumble had some strong hits and some very bold misses. Broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia in the Phillips arena, the former home of WCW would host that year’s Rumble as well as the following year’s Wrestlemania. Since the acquisition of […]

Counting Down The 5 Most Violent and Most Dangerous Matches Ever


The Attitude Era DVD Does The Job, But No Different From Other Releases.

Photo Courtesy Of Tribalwrestling.com

  This week, the WWE released its new DVD from WWE Home Video. The new released is “The Attitude Era” DVD, chronicling the golden days of what may’ve been the WWE’s most financially successful time period since the company has […]

How To Be The Best In The World For 365 Days? Ask CM Punk.

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  If there was ever a more appropriate time to celebrate, it was tonight. Why? No, not because Turkey Day; Thanksgiving is nearing upon us. No, not because Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is soon to be released on Blu […]

The Story Of Eddie Guerrero Relevent To Us All Seven Years Later

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  Even with it being seven years later, the bottomless, soulless feeling of loss and despair still stays with me, as if I am still just learning for the first time of the death of pro wrestling legend, Eddie Guerrero. […]

The Life and Legacy of Brad Armstrong 1961-2012

Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

  Earlier today, we received a report from WWE.com that Brad Armstrong passed away. WWE is sadden to learn of the passing of Brad Armstrong, 51, on of four sons of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Brad Armstrong last participated in the […]

WWE’s Main Event Kicks It Old School

The debut of WWE’s Main Event on ION possessed a remarkable old school charm.  Whether it was intentional or not, Main Event didn’t come close to replicating the big budget experience of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown!.  […]

WWE Scores Big With “Main Event” Premiere on ION


According to an official press release issued by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and the ION Televesion Network, the debut of WWE’s latest prime-time weekly series, “Main Event,” was a huge success.  The one hour program, which was headlined by the […]

D.I.V.A.S = Division Is Vividly Apparently Slim


  This week was a very buzz worthy week for the WWE Divas division. First the news broke out that it is a high possibility that Beth Phoenix will not be resigning with the WWE next month when her contract […]