WWE Raw Reaction (6/23): Vickie Guerrero Retires

Vickie Guerrero Facebook

Vickie Guerrero is the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero, and has been in and around the business for decades. It’s been rumored for years that Vince McMahon told Eddie that if anything ever happened to him, Vince would take care of Vickie, […]

Ultimate Warrior’s Death Eerily Similar To Eddie Guerrero’s

Ultimate Warrior

The wrestling world is steel reeling over the sudden and unexpected death of the Ultimate Warrior less than 24 hours after his final appearance on WWE television. Warrior died of a massive heart attack while walking his wife to their […]

WWE: Sometimes a Little “Juice” is Good For Business

Double Juice

At the risk of sounding barbaric, WWE needs to raise the curtain on their blood policy. It’s a shame knowing the proverbial crimson mask is a thing of the past. And if you do happen to catch it chances are […]

AJ Styles Should Stay Away From WWE And Stay In TNA

Photo Courtesy AJ Styles, Facebook

AJ Styles is a great wrestler, which is why he should stay in TNA. Look no further than what’s happening with Daniel Bryan to see Styles’ future. Coupled with the fact that Styles is even shorter than Bryan and is not […]

The WWE Should Respect Paul Bearer’s Death

RIP Paul Bearer

As many of you may already know, Paul Bearer (William Moody) passed away earlier this week. The WWE so far has acknowledged and respected his passing by releasing a montage video. Let us hope they stay classy and keep things […]

A Sour 2006 Royal Rumble Taps Into Fans’ Emotions

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  The bullet train that was bulldozing through the Rumble history and lineage, decided to slow down relatively quick in the year 2006. All of the momentum that was pushing through the WWE to the next level sort of went […]

The Story Of Eddie Guerrero Relevent To Us All Seven Years Later

Photo Courtesy Of wrestlingyard.com

  Even with it being seven years later, the bottomless, soulless feeling of loss and despair still stays with me, as if I am still just learning for the first time of the death of pro wrestling legend, Eddie Guerrero. […]

Chavo Guerrero Is Making a Major IMPACT!

Chavo Guerrero

  Chavo Guerrero is now part of the TNA family. Per Dixie Carter (President of TNA) facebook, Dixie just posted the following announcement We’re excited to have Chavo Guerrero join the TNA family! Looking forward to seeing him on IMPACT […]

Chavo Guerrero Signs Deal With TNA Wrestling

chavo guerrero tna

Chavo Guerrero is not exactly the most successful Guerrero to ever wrestle.  His career never did much of anything in the WWE so he is taking his talents to TNA Wrestling.  Guerrero might find more of a niche there than […]