Daniel Bryan’s Lingering Neck Issues Are Alarming

Daniel Bryan

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan made his first televised appearance in several weeks at Money in the Bank, doing an interview segment during the PPV pre-show. While fans were delighted to see Bryan back in a WWE ring, […]

WWE: John Cena Is The Savior Of The Company

John Cena Facebook

John Cena is the embodiment of everything a superstar is supposed to be: strong, passionate, unrelenting, entertaining, intelligent, fast on their feet, quick-witted, loving and so much more. Cena is responsible for much of the WWE‘s success in the last decade and is arguably […]

WWE Money In The Bank Has Run Its Course

Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston

Everyone has their own opinion, but for my money, the best Money in the Bank ladder match was the first one. That match, which took place at WrestleMania XXI in Los Angeles, was thrilling, innovative and momentous. Edge, who was victorious, […]

Top 5 Underrated Wrestlers in WWE History


Christian Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

Christian In WWE Talking

Christian may not to be interested in extending his current contract with the WWE. Does this mean he’s going to retire? Christian came back to the WWE in 2009 in hopes of getting another huge push. During that time, he became […]

WWE: Did John Cena Bury The Nexus?

John Cena Buries Wade Barrett

Some new anecdotal evidence has arrived that suggests John Cena was responsible for the Nexus‘ demise. As some of you will remember, The Nexus was a popular group made up of young stars. They were white-hot during the summer of 2010 […]

Why Are So Many People Excited About Rob Van Dam Returning to WWE?

Photo Courtesy of Ed Webster (Wikimedia Commons)

When Rob Van Dam joined WWE in 2001 as part of the Alliance, a group of former WCW and ECW wrestlers who battled with WWE for control of the company in an angle known as “The Invasion,” he was supposed […]

Del Rio Stands Alone Historically At The 2011 Royal Rumble

Photo Courtesy of todoluchas.com

  There’s an old saying that goes “Change is good”, for those who are open to embracing a different path. However, there is another saying that goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, meaning that if things are OK  why try to […]

The 2010 Royal Rumble Lacked a Certain Edge, but Contained Another

Photo Courtesy of nacaowrestling.com

  The 2010 Royal Rumble had some strong hits and some very bold misses. Broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia in the Phillips arena, the former home of WCW would host that year’s Rumble as well as the following year’s Wrestlemania. Since the acquisition of […]