WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H Not Happening At SummerSlam After All?

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Early in the year, rumor had it that plans were in place for Roman Reigns to face off against Triple H at SummerSlam, but all indications now point to that rivalry being delayed until much later in the year, if […]

The Shield vs. Wyatt Family Steals The Show At WWE Elimination Chamber

Wyatt Family and The Shield

The best match of the Elimination Chamber PPV was the instant classic between the Shield and Wyatt Family. Even though both teams are heels, the fans cheered on both of them and were excited throughout the entire match. It was […]

Does Daniel Bryan Have Any Chance At Elimination Chamber?


Daniel Bryan is now locked up with Kane. After a great match against the veteran Christian, Kane stripped to his white tee and went to war with him. There are obviously some bad feelings, and the match didn’t end with […]

Will Brock Lesnar Make His Presence Felt At Elimination Chamber?

Brock Lesnar

Since attacking Cody Rhodes and Goldust the night after the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have been conspicuous in their absence from WWE programming. Does this mean Lesnar won’t be appearing at Elimination Chamber? Heyman has let it […]

WWE: Wyatt Family vs. The Shield is the Real Main Event on Sunday

The Shield

The elimination chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will no doubt close the show on Sunday. The reasons are obvious: the PPV is its namesake, the gold is on the line and the winner will headline WrestleMania XXX. […]

Card for Elimination Chamber Likely to be Finalized Tonight on Raw

Elimination Chamber

The next two weeks are sure to be newsworthy for WWE and their fans as the fireworks will start later this evening. Tonight’s go-home edition of Monday Night Raw will likely finalize the card for WWE Elimination Chamber as well […]

Christian Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

Christian In WWE Talking

Christian may not to be interested in extending his current contract with the WWE. Does this mean he’s going to retire? Christian came back to the WWE in 2009 in hopes of getting another huge push. During that time, he became […]

Cesaro is Getting a Taste of the Main Event Spotlight


Cesaro, formerly Antonio Cesaro, has had a quick rise to the top in WWE. His strong work in the ring and his wacky personality have made him a budding fan favorite, and WWE has responded by giving him a bit […]

The Wyatts And The Shield Are Firing On All Cylinders

The Shield

The Wyatt Family and the Shield have a real opportunity to tear the house down on Feb. 23 at Elimination Chamber. It’s a great matchup between two teams who are booked strong and have the goods to back it up. […]

Are Batista and Alberto Del Rio Destined to Clash at Elimination Chamber?

Batista and Alberto Del Rio

Nothing has been officially announced, but it appears that Dave Batista and Alberto Del Rio will settle their issues (whatever they are) at Elimination Chamber on Feb. 23. Del Rio has taunted Batista the last several weeks, both in the […]

WWE Needs More Electrifying Matches Like Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro Antonio


Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan showed their experience in the ring on Smackdown. What a brilliant match they put on for their fans Friday! The audience was somewhat disappointed when Kane announced that the shaggy bearded superstar was going to […]

WWE: Randy Orton Still Favorite to Win Chamber

Randy Orton

Despite losing to Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton is still the best bet to walk out of the Elimination Chamber as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was announced on Monday that Orton will compete against every chamber participant […]