Ric Flair Returning To Monday Night Raw

Ric Flair and John Cena

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair is back and he’s coming to Monday Night Raw next week. The 16-time world champion is booked for both Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, as well as WWE‘s live event at Madison Square Garden in New York […]

The Shield vs. Kane, New Age Outlaws Will Happen at WrestleMania XXX

Kane, Outlaws, Roman Reigns

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY will likely finalize the card for WrestleMania XXX. WWE‘s biggest yearly event is now less than two weeks away. So far there are only five matches officially […]

WWE Needs More Electrifying Matches Like Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro Antonio


Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan showed their experience in the ring on Smackdown. What a brilliant match they put on for their fans Friday! The audience was somewhat disappointed when Kane announced that the shaggy bearded superstar was going to […]

Daniel Bryan Turns Heel In Amazing WWE Raw Finale


Yes! Daniel Bryan was helpless, in the middle of the ring and he admitted that the leader of the Wyatt’s was right. He knelt, accepting Bray’s offer and shocked and disappointed an army of his followers in Virginia as RAW came to a […]

Is Sandow Ever Getting A Push From WWE?


Damien Sandow and Dirk Ziggler had a match last night that involved country music instruments. They did not play them, but they used them as weapons. They were hurled around, sore backs slamming against hulking cellos set up on the […]

Writers Not Missed On Smackdown As Wrestlers Put On A Great Show


Friday’s Smackdown was surprisingly good and when it is good in wrestling, it is good all over. It made up for Raw, and treated the fans at Manchester to some excellent matches and personalities. Perhaps having limited time to work […]

Anticipation Emerges As Kane Broadens His Character With The Authority


The “Big Red Machine” is back, but he dons a suit and a tie now. Yes, Undertaker‘s brother has turned corporate, joining the Authority. This is the move that Kane needed. Not only is he scarier, but he has also […]

WWE’s Main Event Gives The Miz and Kofi Kingston a Golden Opportunity


WWE Main Event returned Wednesday night and maintained as much of it’s old school charm as it had when it debuted on ION Television over a week ago.  However, things were simply a lot less interesting this time out.  A […]

WWE’s Main Event Kicks It Old School

The debut of WWE’s Main Event on ION possessed a remarkable old school charm.  Whether it was intentional or not, Main Event didn’t come close to replicating the big budget experience of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown!.  […]