WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H Not Happening At SummerSlam After All?

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Early in the year, rumor had it that plans were in place for Roman Reigns to face off against Triple H at SummerSlam, but all indications now point to that rivalry being delayed until much later in the year, if […]

Randy Orton And John Cena Are Champs Again

John Cena Champ Again

A familiar sight occurred at the Hell in a Cell PPV as two of the WWE‘s main event stars are on top of the ladder once again. Randy Orton and John Cena are the “new” WWE and World Heavyweight Champions […]

Is John Cena Returning To WWE Too Early?

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John Cena is coming back from injury just two months out of action. Is he coming back too soon? Cena had been working with a torn triceps muscle and didn’t get surgery for it until this past August. He had […]

John Cena: Why He Needs to Win Against Alberto Del Rio

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John Cena is just about the toughest WWE wrestler that there is in the company today. Why? It is quite simple really: he not only takes abuse in the middle of the ring but from the many fans around the nation as well. […]

John Cena Returning At WWE Hell In A Cell

John Cena Returning

It has been announced on WWE Raw that John Cena will return to wrestle at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Not only is he returning to wrestle, but Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole made the announcement that he’d be […]

What Does R-Truth’s Place On “Hell In A Cell” Poster Mean?

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R-Truth has really not done anything relevant since his feud with Antonio Cesaro over the United States Championship late last year; that’s about eight months without a meaningful feud. For as talented and athletic of a wrestler he is, that is just unacceptable. […]

WWE Has Come A Long Way In 15 Years

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15 years ago on Friday (June 28), Mic Foley and The Undertaker were involved in two of the most brutal spots in professional wrestling history. At the 1998 King of the Ring  pay-per-view, ‘Taker tossed Foley off a 16-foot Hell in a Cell structure and onto the Spanish […]

WWE: That Awkward Moment at WrestleMania 15 When….

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March 28 1999 lands us smack-dab in the middle of the hottest time in pro wrestling, the WWF Attitude Era as WrestleMania 15 brought a full and complete “Attitude Era-like” Mania from start to finish. The era gave us more categories of violence […]

1 Ryback + 2 PPV Losses = 3 Championship Matches?

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  Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw we (the WWE Universe) received word that the WWE Championship will be on the line at the next Pay Per View; WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs. CM Punk will put the title […]

What It Is About Ryback That Just Is Not Clicking?

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  “Feed Me More! Feed Me More! Feed Me More! Feed Me More!” That chant is the beginning and the end of what is original and interesting about the man that they call Ryback. The Ryback character, (who’s real name […]

Hell In A Cell Lived Up To Its Name…With The Exception Of The Main Event.

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Tonight was the 4th annual Hell In A Cell PPV taking and showed once again of the solid product that WWE has continued to showcase. Overall, the PPV itself told a good story regarding Paul Heyman petitioning to cancel the […]

Hell In A Cell Tonight Could Be One For The History Books

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Tonight is the 4th annual WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, emulating live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The build up for this PPV has been considerably interesting, due to the fact that this is the first PPV, […]