WWE Needs Some Old Blood

Stone Cold

WWE is floundering with its stale story lines and poor use of young talent. As much as I like CM Punk, I didn’t feel that he had the charisma to be a top guy for WWE. Randy Orton is stiff […]

Anticipation Emerges As Kane Broadens His Character With The Authority


The “Big Red Machine” is back, but he dons a suit and a tie now. Yes, Undertaker‘s brother has turned corporate, joining the Authority. This is the move that Kane needed. Not only is he scarier, but he has also […]

Predictions for Wrestlemania XXIX

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The biggest event in all of pro wrestling is upon us, Wrestlemania. Whether you’re a fan of the business, or if you’re a fan of The E or not, this event will be forever synonymous with pro wrestling. It is […]

Five WWE Predictions For 2013

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WWE Rumors: Who Will Undertaker Face At WrestleMania 29?

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Is Rock vs. Cena II Good For Business?

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The popular rumor going around is a WrestleMania rematch between The Rock and John Cena. It is said that the match up can help give the card a marquee match that it desperately needs in order to get its media […]

Wrestlemania 28 CM Punk VS Chris Jericho

john cena

The Rock versus John Cena is the big main event at Wrestlemania 28. The WWE has spent so much time focusing on that match, and the HHH versus the Undertaker’s match.That they have not given enough attention and build up […]