WWE Superstar Randy Orton Isn’t Booked Like A Real World Champion

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

In the most simple of terms, the main objective of a wrestling match is to be victorious over your opponent. Why would a single cognizant soul care about a wrestling match (or the competitors) if the outcome isn’t important? Call […]

Mr. T Finally Accepts WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Mr. T At WrestleMania

Though he avoided the WWE Hall of Fame for many years, it looks like Mr. T has finally accepted the company’s invite to be inducted. Mr. T was outraged that Pete Rose was inducted into the Hall of Fame before him. […]

30-Man Battle Royal Set For WrestleMania XXX

WrestleMania XXX Battle Royal

The WWE is to pay their respects to Andre the Giant by having a 30-man Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX. Hulk Hogan‘s big announcement was this 30-man Battle Royal to be featured at WrestleMania XXX. Andre was the undisputed king […]

WWE Pulls a ‘Chicago Screwjob’

WWE Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan

The WWE knew about the hijacking of Monday Night Raw, and decided to disappoint the crowd instead of give in. If there were any doubts before the most recent Raw, those are gone now as the WWE provided one of […]

The Case for John Cena as One of WWE’s All-Time Greats

John Cena

Many “smart” wrestling fans like to think they’re above kayfabe, but every once in a while we let ourselves get sucked into the ballyhoo of professional wrestling and logic flies out the window. Your author is no different. For years […]

What Is Hulk Hogan’s Big WrestleMania XXX Announcement?

Hulk Hogan Returns Brother

Hulk Hogan has revealed that he is about to make a huge announcement regarding WrestleMania XXX. What will he be revealing? Hogan has already been revealed as the official host for WrestleMania XXX. He’s actually been really good at endorsing […]

WWE: Steve Austin Discusses Hulk Hogan, The Streak And CM Punk

Getty Images

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently sat down with Jim Ross for a two-part podcast interview. Ross and Austin covered a variety of wrestling and non-wrestling related topics. A few of the more interesting things covered were […]

Hulk Hogan’s Return is Not Smart

Hulk Hogan, WWE, WrestleMania XXX

Legend Hulk Hogan was on Monday Night Raw, and has been selected as the host for WrestleMania XXX. While many old-school wrestling fans are excited to see their childhood hero return to the ring that made him famous, many others […]

WWE Should Stop Using Former Stars As Walking Billboards


Here is an idea, let’s get Hulk Hogan to help out because we have not been responsible with booking and stories. The main wrestlers that are helping our product should get to warm the back seat so an aging and […]

7 Ways WWE Can Build Excitement For Wrestlemania XXX


Hulk Hogan Set For WrestleMania XXX

Hulk Hogan Back In WWE

Hulk Hogan has officially been announced as being a part of WrestleMania XXX this year. It has been rumored for many months now, but now the announcement has been made official. The WWE revealed that Hogan will be the “Host of […]

WWE Rumors: Major Superstars Set to Return on Historic Edition of Raw

Hulk Hogan

Monday Night Raw on Feb. 24 from Green Bay, Wisconsin may prove to be one of the most newsworthy and eventful shows for the WWE in years. Not only does this date coincide with the launch of the much-anticipated WWE Network, […]