WWE Rumors: Dudley Boyz To Return?

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It was recently revealed that Bully Ray of TNA Impact Wrestling, who has been viewed over the past few years as a locker room leader, has opted not to renew his contract with the company. It may be a sign […]

Spike TV Backing Out Not A Death Blow For TNA


As many begin eulogizing TNA in the wake of the reported decision by Spike TV not to renew the wrestling federation’s TV contract, it would be wise to hold the phone on that talk for a bit. While this news […]

TNA’s Quest for New York Revival Ignores the Real Issues

Impact Wrestling

TNA recently packed up their bags and left Orlando for a several day journey to New York City. They hope to spark renewed interest in their product and the media attention that only Gotham can bring. Yes, it’s another attempt at […]

TNA: Magnus Needs To Be Despised To Be Successful


It was predictable that Jeff Hardy didn’t sell out and Magnus did. It was still a great match and although the title Dixieland is a horrible name for a special match, the high-flying Hardy made it a sensation. If this was the WWE, […]

Impact Wrestling Is Home To Failing Factions: Aces and 8s, Main Event Mafia

Sting vs Bully Ray

His name is Bully Ray and he is the President of Aces and 8s. Am I supposed to be impressed that Ray is leading the likes of Knux, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco into battle each and every week on Impact Wrestling? […]

AJ Styles vs CM Punk at WrestleMania 30 Could Become Reality

AJ Styles

AJ Styles cut a promo on Impact Wrestling in which he stated that he was “better than the best in the world”. There is no doubting that the TNA Wrestling star was making reference to WWE  Superstar CM Punk. However, what […]

Who Is Going To Win The 2013 Bound For Glory Series?

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The Bound For Glory Series is definitely the best thing that TNA (or Impact Wrestling, if you prefer) has going for it. The excitement and competition that comes out of the 12 wrestlers competing for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship is just […]

TNA News: Brooke Hogan Gone From TNA is Blessing in Disguise

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Over the last month, Impact Wrestling has been cutting costs like a failing convenience store. More than five wrestlers were released, along with Bruce Prichard, former talent relations official. That number of officials can go to two as Brooke Hogan […]

Top 5 In-Ring Workers In TNA Wrestling Today

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Kurt Angle’s Arrest Could Hinder Impact Wrestling’s Product

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What seemed to be a very slow news day in the world of professional wrestling changed quickly when former WWE champion and current TNA Wrestling employee Kurt Angle was arrested in Wise county, Texas for driving while intoxicated. Angle could […]

Addition Of Tito Ortiz To Impact Wrestling A Misguided Move By TNA

Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports

The world — well, a few thousand folks anyway — was watching last night when TNA Impact wrestling debuted their August 1 Warning man, who has been producing promos for the last week or so. Tito Ortiz was that man. […]

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers: July 4 and July 11


TNA taped two weeks of Impact Wrestling on Saturday night (June 29) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read on for the full spoiler glory, or wait until Thursday morning for the spoiler-free Precap. July 4 Hulk Hogan sets up the night’s main event […]