Rob Van Dam’s Latest Run Proves Unsuccessful

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam returned to WWE programming the night after WrestleMania 30 to embark on his latest run with the company. Less than five months later, RVD has finished up his obligations with WWE, and he and his fans enjoyed very […]

WWE: Intercontinental and US Titles in a State of Irrelevancy

Big E. Langston

Mid-card title belts are a funny thing. Sometimes they mean a lot, sometimes they don’t mean much it all. Everything depends on how the champion is portrayed and how often the titles are defended. The WWE has a sketchy history when […]

Is Sandow Ever Getting A Push From WWE?


Damien Sandow and Dirk Ziggler had a match last night that involved country music instruments. They did not play them, but they used them as weapons. They were hurled around, sore backs slamming against hulking cellos set up on the […]

WWE Doesn’t Need Intercontinental Belt to Make CM Punk-Paul Heyman Angle Interesting

CM Punk

The night after WWE‘s Summerslam event, CM Punk stormed the ring asking for a fight. Curtis Axel obliged, with Paul Heyman following at a distance, as he proceeded toward the ring and took the fight to the former champion. Punk […]

How Many WWE Titles Will Be Defended at Extreme Rules?

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It’s exactly one week until WWE Extreme Rules, and there are only two confirmed title matches. The WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship will both be defended at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, but what other titles will be up for grabs? […]

WrestleMania 29: Card Ready; But Do Fans Accept?

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  The full card for WrestleMania 29 has been announced and has been booked. With the card only being a week away, the WWE has made a major step in the right direction in attempting to give us a card to care about. But do we […]

What Happened To Kofi Kingston?

kofi kingston ko

If we reverse time back to late 2009, Kofi Kingston was on top of the world. He was in the middle of an exciting main event caliber feud with Randy Orton and things seemed to be looking up for the […]

Wade Barrett Captures The WWE Intercontinental Championship

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  This past weekend, at a WWE Raw House Show In Washington D.C., Wade Barrett faced off against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Just like how we have seen so seldom in the past, history was repeated this […]

WWE Spoils Title Match Results For New Years Eve Raw

wade barrett raw tour

It’s common knowledge that internet websites usually spoil wrestling results when they have been pre-taped. The WWE itself spoiled a title change that is to occur at the New Year’s Eve edition of Monday Night Raw. Some if not most […]

One Word To Describe Episode 1000 of Raw …Grand!

The long wait and extended journey to Raw 1000 finally has arrived at the station. As we are told on a weekly basis, Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television program in history, and since this show has […]