Jerry Lawler Comments On Possibility of Andy Kaufman Being Alive

Jerry Lawler

The internet has been buzzing all week with the possibility that Andy Kaufman might still be alive. Kaufman’s brother Michael revealed that he discovered a letter from Andy years ago that said the comedian did indeed fake his own death. […]

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Ric Flair Unlikely To Wrestle Ever Again

Ric Flair Retiring For Good

Ric Flair has declared in a new interview that it’s highly unlikely we will see him wrestle ever again. The main part of his decision was made when Jerry Lawler recently has his heart attack. He’s what Flair said […]

WWE Mocks Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack

Paul Heyman Mocks Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

The WWE has been known to include controversial moments over the years. This week on Raw, it happened once again as a segment with CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocked the real-life heart attack that Jerry Lawler suffered just weeks […]

JBL Signs Full Time WWE Contract

JBL commentating full time

John “Bradshaw” Layfield has announced on his official Facebook page that he has now signed a full time contract with the WWE. He posted the following announcement: “Very happy WWE and I have worked out a deal for me to […]

Jerry Lawler Collapses At Announce Table During Monday Night Raw

All Wrestling Super Stars

Jerry Lawler is a legend in any pro wrestling circle that you can think of. However, he is in the middle of an extremely scary moment on Monday Night Raw. Lawler collapsed at the announce table and had to be […]

CM Punk: Dark Future Looks Very Bright

CM Punk2

This latest edition of Monday Night Raw really was the illustration of CM Punk‘s new character path as the WWE Champion. Many people on the Internet are not in much of an agreement of the fact that the WWE Champion, […]