Wrestling Has Lost A True Gem – R.I.P Paul Bearer

Photo Courtesy of clnsradio.com

We at Rant Sports are very sad and regret to inform that WWE legend, Paul Bearer (who’s real name is William Moody) passed away this evening, according to WWE.com. Bearer made his WWE debut in 1991 as he was paired […]

The Anti-Climatic Ending To The 1999 Royal Rumble

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  Now that we are completely embedded in the WWF Attitude Era, we bring this dose of aggression and intensity back to the west coast in California, where The Anaheim Arrowhead Pond will host the 1999 Royal Rumble. This was […]

The Attitude Era DVD Does The Job, But No Different From Other Releases.

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  This week, the WWE released its new DVD from WWE Home Video. The new released is “The Attitude Era” DVD, chronicling the golden days of what may’ve been the WWE’s most financially successful time period since the company has […]