The Rock’s WWE Title Reign Needs to End at Wrestlemania 29

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Before I start, I know some people may look at the author of this and say, “Hey, isn’t that the college football guy?” Well, yes that is true. However, since the ripe age of three (1987 to be exact), I […]

Top 10 Worst Moments In WrestleMania History


WWE WrestleMania 29 Is Officially Sold Out

Wrestlemania 29 Sold Out

It has been announced that WrestleMania 29 is officially sold out. This is the first time since 2007 that a WrestleMania event has sold out weeks in advance. More tickets will be released after WWE finalizes the production set up […]

Get Your Credit Cards Ready, Wrestlemania Tickets Are Soon To Be Yours


  Football fans have the Super Bowl, Baseball fans have the World Series, basketball fans have the Final Four, golf fans have the Masters. Tennis Fans have Wimbledon, NASCAR fans have The Daytona 500, hockey fans have the Stanley Cup […]