Why Does WWE Continue To Have Damien Sandow Lose?

Photo Courtesy of Damien Sandow - WWE Universe

It was assumed that when Damien Sandow won the Money In The Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’d be given some considerable momentum to make him look like a credible threat to Alberto Del Rio, or whoever was champion when he […]

WWE: Can Damien Sandow Excite The Main Event Scene?

Damien Sandow MITB Winner

Damien Sandow shocked the world by winning the Smackdown version of the Money in the Bank ladder match. The Smackdown version of this match was really unique because it was full of heels. Aside from Sandow, there was Cody Rhodes, […]

Did RVD Succeed In His WWE Return?


As most of you already know, Rob Van Dam (RVD) made this long awaited return to the WWE. Was his return met with a warm response or did he flop? RVD has always been one of the most popular wrestlers […]

WWE: Is Ryback Looking Weak Lately?

Ryback Looking Weak

Ryback debuted in the WWE last year and instantly became one of its biggest stars, but his image seems to have faded a little bit. When he made his debut, he was a powerhouse babyface that ran through any obstacle […]

WWE: Randy Orton Doesn’t Need Money in the Bank

Randy Orton MITB Winner

Randy Orton is now the new Money in the Bank briefcase winner and can challenge to become a future WWE Champion. Orton is a great wrestler, but someone of his caliber shouldn’t win the Money in the Bank match. This […]

WWE Money in the Bank: Match Predictions

Money in the Bank PPV

Although, I still find it very hard to believe this, the Shield is in the Pre-Show match to retain their titles against the Usos. This should be an interesting match-up seeing as you have the champions wanting to keep their status as the […]

WWE Smackdown: Spoilers for July 12, 2013


This Friday marks the last episode of WWE Smackdown before the much-anticipated Money in the Bank. As the tension rises and rivalries escalate to their highest point, we see the PPV competitors take the stage. How will the WWE showcase these […]

WWE Smackdown: Spoilers and Fireworks for July 5, 2013

WWE Cm Punk

WWE Smackdown is heating up as we inch closer day by day to one of the most exciting pay per views, Money in the Bank. The matches between ladder match and championship rivals are coming to us once again in […]

WWE Smackdown Money In The Bank Match Is Uniquely Full Of Heels

Dean Ambrose In Money in the Bank

The Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match has been revealed, and all of its participants are heels. The wrestlers in the match include: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. This is […]

WWE Big Show: Face Turn, Title Shot Upon Return

12. Big Show

At this point, the World’s Largest Athlete is out of action due to a shoulder injury, though this comes at a time that is actually not too disruptive for the giant. Big Show has not been involved in a major storylines […]

Daniel Bryan Could Win WWE Money in the Bank

Daniel Bryan Money in The Bank

WWE has now announced one of the two Money in the Bank matches that will be in the PPV of the same name. There is a strong possibility that Daniel Bryan is the favorite to win. The participants in the […]

Rob Van Dam Criticizes TNA Wrestling

RVD Not Fond of TNA

Rob Van Dam has criticized TNA Wrestling. Despite working for the company for three years, he feels WWE does a better job of promoting him. The main reason he left TNA was because he got questioned many times if he […]