The Next NXT Success Story

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At Survivor Series 2012, three men from the NXT roster debuted out of the blue as a cohesive unit and disrupted the WWE Championship match. From that moment forward, these men did not let up, as they continued to run […]

10 Best Things About WWE Network

WWE Network

WWE Superstar Bo Dallas, Deserves A Major Push

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Ever since he first showed up at the Royal Rumble in 2013, Bo Dallas has been a person of interest in the WWE. He appeared in the rumble, took out his trainer/mentor in Wade Barrett, then had a mini-feud with Barrett over the next few weeks. […]

Vince McMahon and His Short Attention Span

Vince McMahon

It looks like we have another victim of Vince McMahon’s lack of attention span. According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, the push for Bo Dallas has ended. This explains his surprising loss to R-Truth a few weeks ago on Monday […]

WWE NXT: Is Kevin Steen The Next CM Punk?

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The WWE has been on a roll as of late with their new talent acquisitions. They’ve essentially hit the indie wrestling jackpot by picking up the likes of KENTA, spelled simply as Kenta in WWE , Prince Devitt, so far […]

The WWE Network Launch Was Handled Well

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A recent piece written by fellow Rant Sports contributor Jeffrey Harris brought up some very good points about the shortcomings of the WWE Network. Within, he referenced TV providers dropping WWE’s pay-per-view events from their services, subscription numbers being lower […]

Opportunities Open Up After The Departures of Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio

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Last week saw the firing of Alberto Del Rio after the Mexican superstar was involved in an altercation with a WWE social media employee. It has been confirmed that Del Rio will be appearing at this Sunday’s TripleMania XXII. The […]

WWE Raw Predictions (8/11): Hulk Hogan’s Birthday Bash

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Tonight’s episode of Raw is scheduled to be the birthday celebration of Hulk Hogan, featuring many surprises and returns to the ring. The biggest known appearance is set to be the NWO coming together for the first time in many years, with Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall expected […]

WWE Rumors: Zack Ryder And Others To Be Released Today?

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In just a few hours, WWE is going to have their conference call to go over financials based around the WWE Network. It’s expected that immediately following the call, another series of mass releases will happen. The first time this year that we saw the […]

WWE Officially Announces The Signing Of Prince Devitt

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Several months ago, I wrote about a top indie star rumored to have signed with WWE, but nothing more came of the rumors — that is until yesterday. It was officially announced through numerous sources — all through Twitter – […]

WWE NXT Predictions (7/24): Will The Ascension Meet Their Challengers?

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I’m hoping that tonight’s episode shows us a real contender for the Tag Team Titles with a group that’s actually capable of testing — and possibly defeating – The Ascension, rather than seeing the duo of monsters run through everyone all the […]

WWE Superstar KENTA Will Come In And Dominate NXT

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Since the announcement of WWE signing KENTA, it’s been expected that plans will be to use him in NXT before bringing him up to the main roster; the lesser known part of it all is just how much success he’ll experience. Shortly after the contract […]