WWE NXT Takeover: What We Learned

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The WWE NXT Takeover PPV provided plenty of things to be learned. I posted my predictions for the event with a fair amount of hope that things would go the way I was thinking. One match in particular completely threw me off and has left […]

WWE NXT Takeover: Predictions And Opinions

WWE NXT Takeover Pre-Show Panel


Next WWE NXT Champ Should Be Tyler Breeze

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Stars are in the making at NXT (the developmental system for WWE), and they are fully capable of reshaping the company moving forward. There are obvious mega-stars, like Sami Zayn and The Ascension, but none have as much promise as Tyler Breeze. […]

WWE NXT Takeover PPV: Championships Will Change Hands

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  On Thursday May 29th, the NXT Takeover PPV airs at at 8pm EST. By the time the “Special Event” is concluded, I’m predicting a major title change will take place: the Tag Team Championship. Only two championships are being […]

New WWE Diva Debuts: She’s Really Hot

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On the WWE‘s YouTube channel, Alexa Bliss posted a video blog about her NXT debut that was really hard to pay attention to. Watching it, I dropped back down to my primal monkey form and kept saying with a half opened […]

Fandango, Summer Rae Breakup: New Dance Partner Announced

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Not everyone in the WWE Universe had a romantic week like Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. This week, Fandango and Summer Rae called it quits. Fandango seems to have moved on well, but his dance partner had a Twitter meltdown in […]

AJ Lee Needs to Leave Wrestlemania as Divas Champion

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

AJ Lee losing the Divas Title at Wrestlemania XXX in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational would show the WWE isn’t worried about the competitive aspect of that division. She has held the title for over 300 days and is […]

NXT’s Arrival Event Failed Next To TNA Impact


If anyone caught the opening match in NXT Arrival, they are very fortunate. Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn battled to the end and expended a great amount of effort to put on a good match. It is unfortunate that the […]

What Has Alexander Rusev Done To Deserve Big Push?


While TNA scurries to build up their young wrestling talent, WWE is focused on giving more power lifters a huge push. First it was Big E Langston, who they have done nothing with for up to a month, and now […]

No More Indy Guys To Be Signed By WWE

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WWE has finally put an end to the wrestling business. They are officially an entertainment business. Some will say they have been entertainment for a while now, but that’s not the case. WWE has had a track record of singing […]

WWE NXT Top Ten Prospects For 2014


WWE NXT January 1, Rundown


Alexander Rusev Defeats Kofi Kingston: It was a nice touch throwing in Kofi who can make anyone look good. Alexander Rusev is still very green but has a dominating presence about him. He looks like a jacked up version of […]