Cesaro Is A Paul Heyman Guy


In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Cesaro revealed to the world on Monday Night Raw that he’s aligned himself with a new manager. His name? Paul Heyman. What wasn’t surprising was Cesaro’s departure from Zed Colter and Jack Swagger. […]

Is WWE Taking Subtle Shots At CM Punk Now?

CM Punk With Triple H

The WWE kept quiet about CM Punk’s walk-out for at least a month. Now it appears that they are subliminally voicing their opinion on him. First of all, the WWE handled Raw in Chicago quite well and made sure not […]

CM Punk May Be Truly Done With WWE

CM Punk Gone For Good

Many people believed CM Punk would appear on Raw in front of his hometown fans. Sadly, that didn’t happen. WWE was teasing fans from the get-go as they did not ignore Punk like they have done in the past few […]

WWE Rumors: Major Superstars Set to Return on Historic Edition of Raw

Hulk Hogan

Monday Night Raw on Feb. 24 from Green Bay, Wisconsin may prove to be one of the most newsworthy and eventful shows for the WWE in years. Not only does this date coincide with the launch of the much-anticipated WWE Network, […]

Brock Lesnar On WWE Raw Equals Ratings

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Brock Lesnar, who is a farm boy from South Dakota, did well for himself inside the squared circle. Anytime the “The Beast (Incarnate)” is on WWE television it equals money as seen on Monday night’s telecast of WWE Raw. They […]

What Does Brock Lesnar Really Have to Offer the WWE Anymore?

Picture courtesy of Brock Lesnar's Official WWE Facebook Page

Over the summer, the WWE subjected its Universe to a never-ending feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman featuring the likes of Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel and Ryback.  At first, it was a feud fans were interested in because it […]

Brock Lesnar Stinks Worse Than WWE Writing Staff


Big guys like Vader and Kane can spring off the top rope. They are massive physical specimens, but they are also athletic and understand the business. Big guys like Samoa Joe can even fly in between the ring ropes and […]

WWE: Is Brock Lesnar Targeting Randy Orton?

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman tweeted something interesting the other day which hints at Brock Lesnar facing Randy Orton in the future. Since Orton has become the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he has been on everyone’s radar. This is a huge push for Orton […]

Is Paul Heyman Gone From WWE TV?

Paul Heyman WWE

Ever since WWE lost faith in Ryback, there’s a chance we may not see Paul Heyman on television for the next few months. Heyman’s feud with CM Punk was supposed to last until the end of the year. It appears […]

WWE: Ryback Is Perfect With Paul Heyman

Ryback in Action

Paul Heyman scored himself a huge ally with Ryback now a part of his stable. This will fill the void nicely until Brock Lesnar returns early next year. Lesnar only works part-time, so Heyman was stuck with only Curtis Axel […]

Should Ryback Become A Paul Heyman Guy?

Ryback Facing Cena

After feuding with John Cena and unsuccessfully getting the WWE Title off of him, Ryback has been in limbo as of late. Is it now time for him to align himself with Paul Heyman? Heyman’s stable was kind of full […]

WWE Doesn’t Need Intercontinental Belt to Make CM Punk-Paul Heyman Angle Interesting

CM Punk

The night after WWE‘s Summerslam event, CM Punk stormed the ring asking for a fight. Curtis Axel obliged, with Paul Heyman following at a distance, as he proceeded toward the ring and took the fight to the former champion. Punk […]