WWE: Raw Ratings Tank To New Low This Week

Daniel Bryan Now Injured

WWE seriously needs to rethink how to capture viewers as its Raw ratings have been very low lately. The Raw ratings for this week were downright atrocious. It was the lowest rated show of 2014 and the lowest rated since […]

Is Raw’s Loss Of Viewers Due To Absence Of CM Punk?

No CM Punk Equals No Viewers

Raw was getting around five million viewers per week for the last two weeks. This past episode, however, the number of viewers dropped dramatically. Raw saw a huge increase in viewers the night that Batista came back. WWE hadn’t got […]

Are People Getting Sick Of John Cena, Randy Orton?

John Cena vs Randy Orton Again

The WWE booked another match with Randy Orton and John Cena. Are fans starting to get bored of them? This week’s Raw ratings have come in and they are very ugly. Raw only earned around an average of 3.541 million […]

WWE Raw Unlikely To Go Back To Two Hours

WWE Raw main event

It has been a year now that WWE Raw increased in length from two to three hours. There has been no discussions as of late about changing this. WWE officials are happy with the change to three hours. The main […]

WWE Raw Garners Very Low Ratings

Raw ratings tank this week

The WWE are in a slump right now. This week’s Raw episode garnered the lowest rating of the year and the lowest it has been since December 2012. Raw only averaged around 3.68 million viewers. This is low considering Raw […]

The Rock Proves He’s Still A Ratings Success

The Rock WWE Champion

Whether you love him or you hate him, The Rock still proves to be a major draw for the WWE. His WWE Title win at the Royal Rumble made lots of fans tune into Monday Night Raw this week. Bringing […]

The Rock Helps Raw Ratings

The Rock beats Punk

The Rock’s long awaited return to the WWE after a seven month absence has been seen as a good thing. The WWE received its highest ratings since last August when it was building up for SummerSlam. Prior to The Rock’s […]

Vince McMahon Is Very Upset

Vince McMahon Upset

It’s been a very tough year for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in 2012. Let’s take a look back at some of the things that have saddened him over the past 12 months. Things seemed to be looking up for the […]

And In The Main Event: WWE Monday Night Raw vs ESPN Monday Night Football

Raw Logo

  Last night, the 9/24 WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 2.72 cable rating with an average of 3.79 million viewers. The first hour drew 3.78 million, the second hour drew 3.99 million and the third hour drew 3.60 million. […]