Are WWE Budget Cuts To Blame For Santino Marella’s Early Retirement?

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Last night at a live event, the WWE superstar Santino Marella announced his retirement. It was very sudden to the WWE Universe and a slightly odd choice of venue, considering it was just a house show and not one of WWE’s staple shows, Raw and Smackdown. After […]

Santino Marella Announces His In-ring Retirement

Santino Marella Now Retired

Santino Marella has announced his retirement from wrestling in WWE, although he plans to still stay in a non-active role. During a house show in Toronto, Canada, Marella came to the ring to announce his retirement from in-ring action. Even […]

Is This The End Of Undertaker?


The Undertaker looks like he’s retired now after losing his undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX. Will he be back to wrestle any more matches? The build up to WrestleMania XXX was a mixed bag for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Many […]

WWE Star Christian Expected To Retire Soon

Christian Could Retire Soon

Christian could be on the verge of retiring from professional wrestling for good judging by his recent injuries. He is now 40 years old going on 41. He’s been wrestling for two decades now and has been a really good […]

Alberto Del Rio Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

Alberto Del Rio With Ricardo

Alberto Del Rio started his WWE career back in 2010. Even though he started late, it looks like he’s not willing to stay in the business much longer. Del Rio has had an interesting working life mainly because he tried […]

Should Christian Retire Soon?

Christian Posing

There’s no doubt that Christian is one of the hardest-working pro wrestlers out there. Too bad his injuries have piled up, keeping him out of action for months. Can his body handle the pressure much longer? For the majority of […]

Charlie Haas Retirement, Legit Or April Fools Joke?

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  This weekend the wrestling world received news that former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas (one half of the “World’s Greatest Tag Team” along with Shelton Benjamin) has announced his retirement from the ring. Haas, 41, has been wrestling professionally for the last 17 years since […]

Should Rey Mysterio Retire Soon?

Injured Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio burst onto the North American wrestling scene in the ’90s when he wrestled in WCW. Fans immediately loved him because most of them had never seen him or his wrestling style before. He continued to be popular when […]

Will Kurt Angle Retire In WWE?

Kurt Angle in WWE

Kurt Angle has revealed in a recent interview that he will be retiring from professional wrestling in the next three years. His current contract with TNA expires in two year’s time, which leaves the door open for him to retire […]

Ric Flair Unlikely To Wrestle Ever Again

Ric Flair Retiring For Good

Ric Flair has declared in a new interview that it’s highly unlikely we will see him wrestle ever again. The main part of his decision was made when Jerry Lawler recently has his heart attack. He’s what Flair said […]