Seth Rollins Agrees: The Shield Should Not Break Up

The Shield Masks

There is no reason for the Shield to break up anytime soon. I know the Internet Wrestling Community wants it to happen at some point because they have weird mad ons for guys who swing between good and bad. Personally, […]

Ric Flair Returning To Raw Next Week; Getting Involved With Evolution?

ric flair

After a few weeks of speculation it appears that Ric Flair is indeed set for a return to WWE television. PWInsider is reporting that Naitch will be at Raw this coming Monday, but there’s no word yet on what he’ll […]

WWE Rumors: Evolution Reunion Not Happening?

WWE Evolution

WWE fans got a taste of what could be to come on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. The main event match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan ended up being a showdown between The Authority and The Shield. […]

Remembering Wrestling Legend Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson

On Monday, Mar. 3, British wrestling legend Billy Robinson died in his sleep. The catch-wrestling master was 75 years old. The name may not ring a bell with younger wrestling fans, but the man from Manchester, Lancashire, England was undoubtedly […]

WWE Should Stop Using Former Stars As Walking Billboards


Here is an idea, let’s get Hulk Hogan to help out because we have not been responsible with booking and stories. The main wrestlers that are helping our product should get to warm the back seat so an aging and […]

WWE Old School Raw Draws Good Ratings

Old School Wrestlers

It appears as if fans love old-school wrestling as this week’s Raw show did well in the TV ratings. This week’s Raw rating was the highest it has been since the night after SummerSlam back in August 2013. The show […]

Did Ric Flair Betray His Home State By Not Supporting The Carolina Panthers?

Ric Flair

To motivate themselves over the course of a successful season, the Carolina Panthers often called on the mystique and showmanship of the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Ric Flair. The Panthers’ pregame ritual of “two claps and a Ric […]

WWE Going Old School Is Good For Business


As of 2010, WWE has been doing once a year retro “Old School” Raw. WWE brings back past superstars and divas and turns the arena back into the “Raw Zone” like it was in 1997. Everything looks cool from the […]

WWE Needs To Bring Back Blood

Photo Courtesy Ric Flair Official Facebook Page

For some reason, the WWE decided a couple of years ago to abandon blood as form of storytelling. That was dumb. Blood is what we remember about so many matches. When Ric Flair wrestled Randy “Macho Man” Savage at WrestleMania […]

WWE: The Miz’s Career Is Fixable, But He Needs A Serious Feud With A Top Guy

Photo courtesy The Miz, Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

These are good times for former WWE Champion The Miz. Like Tim Tebow, The Miz has fallen far off the radar. It’s hard to believe that he headlined WrestleMania not too long ago against John Cena. The WWE tried The Miz as a babyface, […]

Can John Cena Beat Ric Flair’s Record?

John Cena WWE Champ Is Here

Ric Flair has been recognized as the most decorated World Champion in professional wrestling history, and he’s about to be overtaken by John Cena. Flair won 16 World Championships in WWE, WCW and NWA. Nobody has yet to beat this […]

John Cena Wants To Defend World Title At WrestleMania XXX

John Cena World Champion

John Cena already has plans to defend his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX. Cena wants to make the World Heavyweight Championship look more prestigious. He feels over the past few years, the title has become the secondary championship. This […]