WWE Rumors: Rob Van Dam Set To Make Return?

Rob Van Dam

WrestleMania 30 will go down as one of the best PPVs in WWE history. The event shocked and entertained the world, and you really can’t ask for much more when you’re talking about pro wrestling. But unlike the NFL after […]

Can Rob Van Dam Return In Time For WrestleMania XXX?

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has expressed interest in returning to the WWE in time for a match at WrestleMania XXX. What type of match will he be booked in? RVD is on a very unique WWE schedule that allows him to […]

RVD Deserves A Title Victory Over Alberto Del Rio At WWE Battleground

Photo Courtesy Rob Van Dam -- Official WWE Universe Rob Van Dam Facebook Page

Rob Van Dam has a chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship when he takes on Alberto Del Rio tonight at WWE Battleground. RVD is one of those guys who doesn’t need a title to get over with the fans, but he […]

WWE Would Strike Gold With Christian and Rob Van Dam Tag Team

Christian vs Dean Ambrose

The WWE tag team division lacks depth and veteran presence. The division is inhabited by inexperienced teams and teams that aren’t clicking. I think there is a team that could be formed which would inject much needed life into the […]

Ricardo Rodriguez Will Turn On RVD

Photo Courtesy of WWE Planet Facebook page

Even in the world of spoilers and dirt sheets, mostly everyone was surprised when Ricardo Rodriguez revealed his new client to be “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam a few weeks ago. The pairing seemed odd to say the least, […]

Who Had the Best Week in the WWE?


A.J. Styles Joining WWE Would Destroy TNA

Aj Styles

It’s clear that Total Nonstop Action is panicking by their recent roster cuts. They’ve reduced their total number of PPVs from 12 to four and are looking to cut any bit of salary possible moving forward in order to stay afloat. […]

Oh The Humanity: United States Championship Match At WWE SummerSlam Bumped To Preshow

SummerSlam 2013

Hello there fellow Ranters, and welcome to the first ever edition of Oh The Humanity, right here on RantSports.com! For those of you new to the series, it’s quite simple and here’s how it works. Each week, I take a […]

What Is WWE Doing With RVD?

Rob Van Dam In WWE

Rob Van Dam (RVD) made his triumphant return to the WWE last month. As popular as he is, the WWE has yet to make him feud with a specific person since coming back. SummerSlam is just around the corner and […]

Did RVD Succeed In His WWE Return?


As most of you already know, Rob Van Dam (RVD) made this long awaited return to the WWE. Was his return met with a warm response or did he flop? RVD has always been one of the most popular wrestlers […]

Curtis Axel Losing Momentum After Suffering First Loss

Curtis Axel On Raw

When Curtis Axel debuted in WWE a few weeks ago, he was on an undefeated streak. The man has now suffered his first loss. Axel debuted in a huge way, getting victories over the likes of Triple H and John […]

Rob Van Dam Criticizes TNA Wrestling

RVD Not Fond of TNA

Rob Van Dam has criticized TNA Wrestling. Despite working for the company for three years, he feels WWE does a better job of promoting him. The main reason he left TNA was because he got questioned many times if he […]