Why Are So Many People Excited About Rob Van Dam Returning to WWE?

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When Rob Van Dam joined WWE in 2001 as part of the Alliance, a group of former WCW and ECW wrestlers who battled with WWE for control of the company in an angle known as “The Invasion,” he was supposed […]

Rob Van Dam Returning To The WWE

Rob Van Dam Returning To WWE

The WWE made a huge announcement during the Payback PPV, saying that Rob Van Dam (RVD) will be making his grand return to the company at the Money in the Bank PPV next month. The announcement was so popular that […]

5 Returning Superstars That Could Help WWE


The Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling: Rob Vam Dam

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  The last couple of weeks the sports world was flooded with the news of all of the trades and signings that were taking place in the NFL during free agency. With names such as Wes Welker going to the […]

Jack Swagger Should Be the WWE’s Invisible Man


It’s a headline seen around the athletic world more than should be allowed…names interchangeable, of course. “(Insert Name Here) Arrested for Speeding, DUI and Marijuana Possession” This time, the name inserted belongs to the man known to the WWE Universe as […]