Roman Reigns Set For A Huge Push

Roman Reigns Big Star

It’s been a long time since the WWE has been set on pushing a new star. The company is dead set on making Roman Reigns the future face of the company. Reigns was always a favorite of Triple H, but this is […]

Roman Reigns May Become King Of WWE When John Cena Steps Down

Roman Reigns Spears New Age Outlaws Wrestlemania

This new era of wrestling is not just the reality era, it’s the passing-of-the-torch era with talents like Adam Rose and Bo Dallas set to debut on Raw, and Bray Wyatt taking up John Cena on his you-have-to-get-through-me challenge. Probably […]

Roman Reigns May Battle Triple H At SummerSlam

Triple H and Roman Reigns

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE‘s current plan is to have Roman Reigns square off against Triple H at SummerSlam in Los Angeles. Plans change frequently, but this is an idea worth sticking with. The match makes sense given […]

The Shield vs. Kane, New Age Outlaws Will Happen at WrestleMania XXX

Kane, Outlaws, Roman Reigns

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY will likely finalize the card for WrestleMania XXX. WWE‘s biggest yearly event is now less than two weeks away. So far there are only five matches officially […]

WWE Will Push The Same Guys Again

Cena And Orton Again

It doesn’t appear as if the WWE is looking to build new stars again, as the same guys are getting pushed after WrestleMania XXX. A report has leaked, showing the top five stars that WWE is planning to push after WrestleMania […]

What Is In Store For The Shield At WrestleMania XXX?

The Shield

Monday Night Raw was a rough one for The Shield. The once dominant threesome has seemingly met their match with The Wyatt Family, who has defeated the Hounds of Justice in consecutive matches. Even worse, infighting seems to have finally […]

WWE: Cesaro’s Career Rests On Daniel Bryan

Cesaro, Roman Reigns, WWE Universe

When heel tag teams and stables begin to overstay their welcome in the WWE, the fans start to pick one member as their favorite. In the days of Evolution, Batista became that guy, leading to a face turn and a lengthy […]

CM Punk Should Join Forces With The Shield

Picture Via WWE Official Facebook Page

Over the past few months, CM Punk has remained glued to the Shield. First, there was the feud with the wild man of the group, Dean Ambrose. Punk ran through him and straight into Roman Reigns. The two have worked well […]

Hopefully Roman Reigns Being Pushed Leads To The Shield’s Demise


WWE has not stuck to the shadows about trying to push the biggest, most powerful member of the Shield, Roman Reigns. Survivor Series proved it in a very predictable fashion — or maybe the WWE is just trying to promote […]

Roman Reigns Impresses At WWE Survivor Series

Roman Reigns Looking Hot

The main event for Survivor Series bored fans, but Roman Reigns made them excited earlier in the night. Reigns teamed up with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. They went up against Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Cody Rhodes […]

Is Roman Reigns WWE’s Next Big Star?

Roman Reigns Looking Tough

The WWE could be on the verge of giving Roman Reigns a huge push in the future. There are hints that Reigns could be line for a huge babyface push. This is because the Shield have been around for over […]

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins of The Shield Need Better Competition

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of the Shield are the WWE Tag Team Champions, and they simply have no competition. Reigns and Rollins are a good team who will never be considered great without solid competition. Champions are only as good […]