Who Should Goldberg Face in WWE?

Goldberg Poses

Wrestling legend Goldberg is said to be interested in a few guys he’d like to work with if he decides to return for one more match. Jim Ross interviewed Goldberg on his podcast. Goldberg has been in talks with WWE […]

Goldberg Interested In Wrestling At WrestleMania 31

Goldberg Faces Lesnar

Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in WWE for well over 10 years now. However, he’s interested in coming back for one more match at WrestleMania 31. Goldberg’s last WWE match was in 2004 when he wrestled Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX. The […]

Rybaxel is Technically an Older Team Than You Think

Usos dive

The one complaint about the tag-team division today is they just put guys together who are known for being singles competitors and create teams out of nowhere. The wrestling fan with the untrained eye will point to a team like […]

WWE Main Event Should Not Have Jobbers Headlining

Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

In 2012, the WWE created a new show called Main Event. The headliners of the show had their own interviews and video package talking about the match that was featured exclusively on Main Event. The very first match on the show […]

Ryback Has Been Acting Very Weird Lately

Ryback Feeling Down

Ryback has been displaying very odd behavior lately, judging by the many tweets he has made over the weekend. He’s been tweeting constantly out of frustration, with most of the tweets aimed towards pro wrestling journalists. He questions the reports […]

Ryback Now Forever Buried In WWE

Ryback In The Doghouse

Ryback was flying pretty high in the WWE back in 2012. Fast forward to 2014, and it seems his career will never recover from his recent lows. Ryback has angered WWE officials even more as he was responsible for injuring […]

Who Can Batista Face In WWE?

John Cena and Batista

With Batista set to return to the WWE, who will benefit most by feuding with him? Unlike the Rock who had a seven-year hiatus, Batista will be returning to the WWE after only a four-year absence. In those four years, […]

Before Daniel Bryan, Ryback Was Ruined By Bad WWE Booking

Photo Courtesy Ryback, Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

A year ago at Survivor Series, Ryback was the hottest wrestling superstar on the planet. Today, he’s a mid-carder. That’s not his fault. Ryback emerged as a superstar last year even though the WWE was really pushing him to be the next […]

Big Show Should Be Embarrassed By His Match Against Ryback on Monday Night Raw

Photo Courtesy The Big Show, WWE Universe Facebook Page

Last Monday night was somewhat of an embarrassment for the WWE. The Big Show wrestled Ryback in what was probably one of the worst matches not involving a WWE diva in the last year. With all due respect to the veteran […]

WWE Punishing Ryback For Copying Goldberg?

Ryback Copying Goldberg

It seems that Ryback is down on the dumps right now. Is the WWE being too hard on him? WWE has lost faith in Ryback for a few months now. It all started when he was doing interviews and wasn’t […]

Is Paul Heyman Gone From WWE TV?

Paul Heyman WWE

Ever since WWE lost faith in Ryback, there’s a chance we may not see Paul Heyman on television for the next few months. Heyman’s feud with CM Punk was supposed to last until the end of the year. It appears […]

Is WWE Losing Faith In Ryback?

Ryback Is Not Pushed

It’s being reported that WWE is starting to lose faith in Ryback. Is this a good or bad thing for the company? Ryback debuted last year to a ton of momentum. He was on an unbeaten streak and it looked […]