John Cena Can Win At Night of Champions Without Defeating Brock Lesnar

John Cena

The Hall of Fame panel that opened up this past Monday Night Raw was uninspiring to say the least. No real effort was put into having Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan sell the rematch between John Cena and […]

Bret Hart Returns To Montreal Tonight On Monday Night Raw

Bret Hart

According to WWE‘s official website, Bret Hart will make his return to Monday Night Raw tonight when the show emanates from Centre Bell in Montreal. This will be Hart’s first televised appearance at the arena since “losing” the WWE Championship […]

WWE: John Cena Is The Savior Of The Company

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John Cena is the embodiment of everything a superstar is supposed to be: strong, passionate, unrelenting, entertaining, intelligent, fast on their feet, quick-witted, loving and so much more. Cena is responsible for much of the WWE‘s success in the last decade and is arguably […]

Ranking Ultimate Warrior Among the 10 Greatest Wrestlers of All-Time

Ranking Ultimate Warrior Among the 10 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time

WWE Hall of Fame Welcomes Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon

It was announced on Monday Night Raw that Razor Ramon, real name Scott Hall, will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Hall wrestled in WWE from 1992-96 as Razor Ramon and had a brief comeback stint in 2002, working […]

Top 5 Underrated Wrestlers in WWE History


Shawn Michaels To Wrestle In One More Match?

Shawn Michaels Could Return

With the recent appearances that Shawn Michaels is making, is he going to wrestle in one more match? Unlike Edge or Stone Cold Steve Austin, Michaels retired while he was still healthy. He suffered a back injury back in 1998, […]

WWE Rumors: Shawn Michaels Return Offer On Table For Wrestlemania 30

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is supposed to be the one wrestler that actually stays retired. In the world of pro wrestling, you truly should never say never, but with HBK, it seems like he has no intentions of getting in the squared […]

What’s Next For WWE Superstar CM Punk?

CM Punk Official WWE Facebook Page

Last night on WWE Monday Night RAW, we were all pleasantly surprised to see Shawn Michaels. Not only did he make an appearance, he made one during a CM Punk segment. Everyone was expecting things to get totally out of […]

WWE Monday Night Raw’s Final Segment Is Instant Classic

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A crowd of WWE Superstars stood watch in the ring as Randy Orton and John Cena were face-to-face with both major championships hanging in the background. One thing we have all come to know is that whenever there is a crowd of […]

5 Ways WWE Can Turn Around Its Stale Product

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WWE Needs To Bring Back Blood

Photo Courtesy Ric Flair Official Facebook Page

For some reason, the WWE decided a couple of years ago to abandon blood as form of storytelling. That was dumb. Blood is what we remember about so many matches. When Ric Flair wrestled Randy “Macho Man” Savage at WrestleMania […]