Antonio Cesaro Finally In the Main Event Spotlight

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

After months of being in the fold with the Real Americans with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter being his manager, Antonio Cesaro has been thrown into a main event on a major pay-per-view match. As seen on Raw, he was […]

WWE: Does Anybody Care About Sheamus?


Sheamus returned after many months of recovering from a shoulder injury. Something tells me though that his return was kind of weak. When Sheamus entered the Royal Rumble, the audience’s reaction was positive, mainly because they hadn’t seen him in […]

Sheamus Should Return As A Heel


A former WWE Champion and Royal Rumble winner is set to return to WWE at anytime now. With the pay-per-view just weeks away, it would be a perfect return for “The Celtic Warrior.” He won the Royal Rumble back in […]

WWE: Does Anyone Notice That Sheamus Is Inujured?

Sheamus In Action

Sheamus has been injured recovering from a shoulder injury, but does anyone notice his absence? Sheamus was the groomed to be the no. 2 babyface of the company last year behind John Cena. He held the World Heavyweight Championship for […]

WWE News: Superstar Sheamus’ Injury May Be A Blessing In Disguise

Image courtesy of Sheamus' WWE Universe Page

In a surprising news update, WWE Superstar Sheamus has been injured and will be gone for at least six months. Sheamus hurt his leg in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and was sporting a nasty bruise on the […]

Has Sheamus Started To Lose His Sparkle In WWE?

Sheamus Losing Ground

Sheamus debuted in the WWE in a huge way, but it seems that his star quality has faded dramatically over the past year. Sheamus was given a huge push in his rookie year working for the WWE. The main reason […]

WWE Smackdown: Spoilers for July 12, 2013

This Friday marks the last episode of WWE Smackdown before the much-anticipated Money in the Bank. As the tension rises and rivalries escalate to their highest point, we see the PPV competitors take the stage. How will the WWE showcase these […]

WWE Smackdown Preview For June 28, 2013

Smackdown Logo

Randy Orton Is Awful On the Microphone Now

Randy Orton Cannot Talk Anymore

When Randy Orton burst onto the WWE scene as a young cocky punk in 2002, he could talk on the microphone for several minutes without hesitation. Fast forward to 2013 and he cannot even utter a word. Usually in the […]

Undertaker Makes His Shocking Return In A WWE Live Event

Undertaker Makes 2013 WWE Return

For a few weeks now, many were doubting whether the Undertaker will making a return to the WWE ring this year. This is because he’d just received surgery on his hip and shoulder, and many believed that he was in no […]

Sheamus’s 2012 Royal Rumble Win, Was A Victory For All

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  If the year 2012 has shown us anything in the wrestling world, it has shown us that it was the year for the young to rise. The best example of this was the leadership roles that the young talent […]

WWE Smackdown Live Events Failing Recently?

smackdown live event tour logo

It’s been reported that WWE wants to disband separate live events for Raw and Smackdown later this year. Although this does not mean the company is entirely scrapping the brand extension it started back in 2002, it does pose an […]