WWE NXT Predictions (7/24): Will The Ascension Meet Their Challengers?

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I’m hoping that tonight’s episode shows us a real contender for the Tag Team Titles with a group that’s actually capable of testing — and possibly defeating – The Ascension, rather than seeing the duo of monsters run through everyone all the […]

Do We Really Need Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara as a Tag Team?

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After having both men injured, taken off TV then given a title reign as the tag team champions, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara once again tagged up on Monday night’s Raw to take on the Real Americans. Both Rey and […]

Real Americans Can Be More Than Just Jobbers

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After months of a back and forth push, maybe we can see The Real Americans have a steady run with a long streak of wins. For some reason, the WWE cannot make up their minds on if they are going […]

Rey Mysterio Set To Return Tonight; What Impact Will He Have On WWE?

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When Rey Mysterio first went down at the hands of Mark Henry, it was expected that he would be back by SummerSlam. That was obviously not the case, and right before that PPV, some wrestling outlets reported that he was […]

Rey Mysterio Eyes SummerSlam Return

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Rey Mysterio has been injured for several months now. He missed WrestleMania 29 and the WWE had to cancel his match against Sin Cara for two years running. Now that he’s set to return, what role can he play in […]

Should Rey Mysterio Retire Soon?

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Rey Mysterio burst onto the North American wrestling scene in the ’90s when he wrestled in WCW. Fans immediately loved him because most of them had never seen him or his wrestling style before. He continued to be popular when […]

WWE Planning World Record Harlem Shake At WrestleMania 29

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Vince McMahon and his inflated ego never seem to die down. The professional wrestling promoter has always tried to make the WWE reach news headlines around the world. This year, he hopes to stage the world’s largest Harlem Shake at […]

The Miz Nearly Injures CM Punk

The Miz Injury Scare CM Punk

During a WWE live event over the weekend, The Miz nearly injured CM Punk in a tag-team match the two were participating in. Punk was teaming up with Antonio Cesaro to face against the team of Miz and Ryback. Miz […]

The Reason Why Alberto Del Rio Is World Champion

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As some of you may already know (it was blasted on WWE.com), Alberto Del Rio did the unthinkable and defeated The Big Show on Smackdown to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. This may has come as a surprise to […]

Sin Cara Is Injured Again

Sin Cara Injured

Sin Cara is experiencing issues with his knees and it’s highly likely that he will need to take time off to heal them. This will severely alter WWE’s plans for the next few months as they try to build hype […]

WWE Rumors: Alberto del Rio Turning Babyface

Alberto del Rio Babyface

The latest rumor to go around is that long-time heel wrestler Alberto del Rio is set to be turned into a babyface character sometime in 2013. The reason the WWE wants to turn Del Rio into a good guy is […]

One Word To Describe Episode 1000 of Raw …Grand!

The long wait and extended journey to Raw 1000 finally has arrived at the station. As we are told on a weekly basis, Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television program in history, and since this show has […]