Bad News Barrett Questionable For Money In The Bank After Shoulder Injury

Bad News Barrett and Dean Ambrose

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for Wade Barrett fans; WWE‘s reigning Intercontinental Champion may not be able to compete in the briefcase ladder match at Money in the Bank on June 29. According to Dave Meltzer of the […]

WWE Smackdown (6/13) Shows Us the Future

WWE Facebook

The WWE either needs to go to a live version of Smackdown, or they need to cool it on social media, because having all three members of 3MB on last night’s episode was a major hiccup in continuity. They released 11 members of their […]

Did WWE Overvalue Its TV Deal Value?

WWE Raw Logo

The WWE was hoping to increase the company’s TV rights deal by a large margin. Did Vince McMahon and co. get too cocky during the negotiations? As reported a few weeks ago, the WWE decided to stay with NBC Universal for the […]

Will WWE SmackDown Stay On Friday Night?

SmackDown, the Rock, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Edge and John Cena

Friday night isn’t a good time slot for a TV show. People are usually out and about doing things that don’t involve a television set. Still, WWE SmackDown has been a staple on Friday nights for the past nine years. […]

WWE Stock Takes A Huge Bodyslam

WWE Network Apps

Ever since the WWE announced its new TV deal, the stock price for the company has plummeted big time. The WWE had hoped it could double or even triple its current TV deal with NBC Universal. The current deal is worth […]

WWE Programming Stays With NBC Universal

John Cena on Raw

NBC Universal is set to keep WWE on their channels as both sides have reached a new agreement. NBC Universal owns USA Network and Syfy channels, which are both on cable television. Raw will stay as three hours on USA […]

WWE Raw and Smackdown Might Move TV Channels

Randy Orton On Raw

The WWE’s flagship shows Raw and Smackdown could be moving TV stations in the USA if the company doesn’t reach an agreement with NBC Universal. The WWE had been negotiating a new TV deal with NBC Universal, but could not […]

Rey Mysterio Needs To Retire From WWE Right Now

Rey Mysterio Injured Yet Again

It seems like something this happens every few months as Rey Mysterio appears to be injured once again. Mysterio has been wrestling for a very long time since he was a teenager. His fast-paced style is exciting to watch, but […]

Cesaro is Getting a Taste of the Main Event Spotlight


Cesaro, formerly Antonio Cesaro, has had a quick rise to the top in WWE. His strong work in the ring and his wacky personality have made him a budding fan favorite, and WWE has responded by giving him a bit […]

Is Powerhouse Titus O’Neil Turning Heel Good For Business?


Titus O’Neil is often overlooked in the wrestling world. He had a gimmick with Darren Young. They hugged each other and swayed from side to side screaming, “millions of dollars.” Like Fandango, the crowd loved to mimic it, but they did not […]

The Shield in Weekly 6-Man Tags Are Getting Old

Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

Week after week, both on Raw and Smackdown, we get a weekly six-man tag team match that features all three members of The Shield. It’s almost like that is The Shields’ marquee match. They have made it famous for months. […]

Sting To Be A WWE General Manger?


Former WCW and TNA world heavyweight champion Sting is set to be in WWE very soon. Some people backstage that are supposed to be insiders say that he could be an onscreen character as a General Manger. In thinking about […]