WWE Raw Predictions (8/18): SummerSlam Fallout

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  Tonight, Raw is going to be all about the SummerSlam fallout, with Brock Lesnar‘s win and Nikki Bella‘s heel turn being the biggest talking points. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see the first glimpse of Sting or if there are any other returns/debuts, as […]

WWE 2K15 Roster Revealed

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It’s the final day before WWE SummerSlam and the company’s weekend in Los Angeles featured superstar question and answer panels, photo-ops and other chances for fans to interact with the biggest stars of today and yesteryear. Much like the panels, […]

Sting Does Not Need to Return to the Ring

Sting vs. Undertaker

One of the most hotly debated topics and rumors in recent months is if and when the pro wrestling icon known as Sting will return to the ring and whom he will face. In the past, Sting has voiced interest in facing The […]

5 Predictions for Sting’s WWE Debut

Sting in WCW

WWE Rumors: Sting To Appear On Raw For Hulk Hogan’s Birthday

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The early word on tomorrow’s episode of Raw – aka Hulk Hogan‘s Birthday Bash – is that we’re set to see a lot of returns and surprises. The biggest known secret is that the NWO is going to appear, in some shape or form. It will […]

Sting Makes First WWE Appearance At Comic-Con; Sign of Things To Come?

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Sting has finally arrived in WWE. Kind of. After speculation about the iconic superstar’s WWE debut really started to ramp up following his 2k15 commercial, it appears things have already gone to the next level. The man they call Sting […]

WWE: 5 Possible Debut Matches for Sting


Still More Questions Than Answers With Sting And WWE

Sting and Triple H

Sting‘s name has created a lot of buzz in the pro wrestling industry this year. His “appearance” on Monday Night Raw as part of a $200,000 commercial for WWE 2K15 has given people a reason to believe it’s only a […]

WWE Raw Reactions (7/14): Sting To The WWE Finally Happens

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The biggest takeaway from last night’s episode of Raw has nothing to do with this Sunday’s PPV Battleground. Instead, it’s that Sting finally made some kind of appearance on WWE TV. While I had long hoped WWE would be smart enough to book Sting’s first […]

WWE Rumors: Sting Coming to Raw Next Week?


  For the better part of the last decade, there has been one person rumored to be coming to the WWE more than anyone else: Sting. It was heavily speculated that he would show up at WrestleMania XXX, but his contract negotiations never completed. […]

WWE Rumors: Sting Promo Video Set To Start Shooting?


It’s not often that a week goes by without some sort of Sting-WWE gossip. The pro wrestling veteran has been rumored to be close to signing a deal for quite some time now, but up to this point, he’s remained […]

10 Big Money Matches WWE Should Book In the Near Future

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman