The Wyatt Family’s Dark Religion Sets Them Apart In WWE


Religious sentiment is always something that pro wrestling has embraced. Stone Cold Steve Austin became a sweeping sensation after beating the converted Jake “the Snake” Roberts and coined the “Austin 3:16” phrase. It was the religious, almost sacrilegious aspects that became so wildly […]

Will Gimmicks Ever Catch Fire Again In Wrestling?


Wrestling has changed and the fans with it. It is ironic that after the attitude era, when wrestlers started acting more like their out-of-ring selves, that Vince McMahon made the proclamation that he is in the “sports entertainment” business. Now […]

WWE: 5 Reasons Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Should Wrestle John Cena At WrestleMania


Alberto Del Rio and John Cena Mentioned on NBC’s World Series of Fighting Show

Photo Courtesy Alberto Del Rio, Official WWE Universe Facebook Page

The WWE‘s Alberto Del Rio and John Cenagot a mention Saturday night during the World Series of Fighting’s live broadcast on NBC Sports. Right before the main event, WSOF announcer Todd Harris and the camera focused on WWE World Heavyweight […]

WWE: Shane McMahon Can Play Hero to Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton

While it’s clear WWE is reinventing the once-famed Corporation, with Vince McMahon and his family members selecting their “Corporate Champion” (Randy Orton), there is one key component missing in the replication process. In the original storyline, as the Corporation moved from The Rock as […]

Fans Are Comparing Daniel Bryan To The Wrong Wrestling Legends

Daniel Bryan

There’s no doubt about it; Daniel Bryan is the hottest wrestler in the world right now. Whenever he walks into an arena, the crowd goes wild and any talking is drowned out by the emphatic “YES!” chant. That chant (and the […]

Rumored Stone Cold Steve Austin Match At WrestleMania XXX

Potential WrestleMania XXX Match

Even though Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t fully confirmed he will be available for WrestleMania XXX, the WWE is already thinking of a major match for him to be in. The entire McMahon family has booked themselves as a major […]

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestle At WrestleMania XXX?

Stone Cold Stunner

Stone Cold Steve Austin has stated recently that there is a chance he can wrestle at WrestleMania XXX. He isn’t lobbying for a match at the event, but Austin did state that if a good offer is in place, he […]

WrestleMania 19: Steve Austin Ultimate Sacrifice

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  WrestleMania 19 would continue the venue stadium run by being held at SafeCo Field in Seattle, Washington. Booking WrestleMania 19 would result into a fan boys/girls dream as this was arguably the best card ever assembled. From the opening […]

WWE: WrestleMania 17 Becomes The Measuring Stick of a Perfect PPV

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Unbeknownst to the world, April 1st 2001 would be more than just April fool’s day, but this would be the day when pay per view would broadcast a perfectly well done event. The event would go down in history being […]

The Dawning of a New Era At WrestleMania 14

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On March 29th, 1998, if you tuned in to WrestleMania 14 with that nostalgic feeling inside you of having warm and fuzzy feelings of seeing your favorite wrestlers “train, say their prayers and take their vitamins”, then you were in […]

The Chicago Fire Continued To Burn At WrestleMania 13

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  It was an unseasonably warm day in the early evening of March 27th 1997 in Chicago, IL. Usually this time of the year, Chicago is prone to seeing winter extending later into the beginning weeks of what is traditionally […]