WWE Gets Firmly Behind Cesaro at WrestleMania XXX

Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter

Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar weren’t the only wrestlers whose stock skyrocketed after WrestleMania XXX. Enter Cesaro. The Swiss strongman competed in a four-way tag team elimination match on the WrestleMania XXX pre-show alongside his Real Americans cohort Jack Swagger. […]

WWE: Survivor Series Was Trash


Besides the match between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, the WWE‘s latest PPV was nothing more than a simple bust. Absolutely no match got the crowd going wild, and none deserved any of the attention or money […]

Big Show As WWE Champion In 2013? He Can’t Even Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Photo Courtesy The Big Show, WWE Universe Facebook Page

It’s fine if the WWE wants to push The Big Show as a transitional champion or title contender, but fans are never going to take him seriously as a giant monster until he gets a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather […]

Big Show Regretfully Knocks Out WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes on Raw

Image courtesy of Official Big Show WWE Universe Facebook

The aftermath of Cody Rhodes‘ kayfabe firing continued on latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Just a week after Cody’s real life half brother Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust) lost in a match to then-WWE champion Randy Orton in an attempt […]

Andre the Giant in WWE 2k14 is Major News for Gamers

Image Courtesy of the Official Andre the Giant Facebook Page

The last time we saw the eighth wonder of the world, Andre the Giant was bodyslammed by Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, and the landscape of wrestling was forever changed. Since the passing of Andre, the only way the fans […]

Expect The Unexpected Tonight At The 2013 Royal Rumble

Photo Courtesy Of samepageteam.com

  After so many months, weeks, days and nights of waiting, we are finally at the doorstep of the winter classic, the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble. This year’s Royal Rumble is special because it has been building since the summer of 2012, more […]

Is the 2013 Royal Rumble Doomed For Fan Failure?

Photo Courtesy of www.caq.fr

  As the wrestling world knows, tonight is the 2013 Royal Rumble, the official kick off to the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. However, when looking at the scheduled pay per view card, the WWE is setting an example of what […]

Sheamus’s 2012 Royal Rumble Win, Was A Victory For All

Photo Courtesy of royalrumbler.wordpress.com

  If the year 2012 has shown us anything in the wrestling world, it has shown us that it was the year for the young to rise. The best example of this was the leadership roles that the young talent […]

Analyzing WWE’s Spoiler Controversy

Courtesy of 24wrestling.com

Facebook. Twitter. Message boards. Everywhere! Wrestling fans are coming down hard on the WWE’s decision to spoil the World Heavyweight Championship title switch from this upcoming Friday’s SmackDown program. According to WWE.com and confirmed by multiple sources, challenger Alberto Del […]

Alberto Del Rio Wins His First World Heavyweight Championship

Photo Courtesy of narutoforums.com

  Last night at the Smackdown Tapings live from Miami, Florida, not only was the buzz of The Rock making his return to his flagship show in the air, but the fans went home having witnessed history. Alberto Del Rio […]

Hell In A Cell Lived Up To Its Name…With The Exception Of The Main Event.

Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

Tonight was the 4th annual Hell In A Cell PPV taking and showed once again of the solid product that WWE has continued to showcase. Overall, the PPV itself told a good story regarding Paul Heyman petitioning to cancel the […]

Hell In A Cell Tonight Could Be One For The History Books

Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

Tonight is the 4th annual WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, emulating live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The build up for this PPV has been considerably interesting, due to the fact that this is the first PPV, […]