Is Titus O’Neil the WWE’s Diamond In the Rough?

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From the end of 2012 and in the first five months of 2013, the WWE has been doing a fine job in terms of giving the fans a refreshing fast track of pushing some of the younger talents in the company. […]

The WWE Tag Team Division Has No Place In Todays Wrestling

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Back in the yester-years of the WWE, the tag team division was one of the most respectable and feared divisions in all of pro wrestling. When you thought of WWE and/or WWF tag teams, you automatically think of the likes of Demolition, […]

Monday Night Raw. Episode 999

Tonight marked the last Monday Night Raw that will be numbered in the triple digits. This was episode number 999, one week before the industrious episode 1000. Coming off the heels of last nights WWE Money In The Bank 2012 […]

Will we see the WWE Unified World Tag Team Championships defended tonight?


Just minutes ago on Twitter, one half of the Primetime Players, Titus O’Neal, just tweeted the following [blackbirdpie url=""]   By the way this tweet sounds, it sounds as if we will see the WWE Unified World Tag Team Championships […]