TNA’s Quest for New York Revival Ignores the Real Issues

Impact Wrestling

TNA recently packed up their bags and left Orlando for a several day journey to New York City. They hope to spark renewed interest in their product and the media attention that only Gotham can bring. Yes, it’s another attempt at […]

Is Released WWE Superstar Evan Bourne Returning to ROH Tonight?

Matt Sydal Twitter

Tonight is the Ring Of Honor (ROH) Best In The World PPV out of Nashville, Tenn. The event features a few wrestlers formerly associated with WWE, Matt Hardy – of the Hardy Boys – and Jay and Mark Briscoe, who had a tryout with NXT late last year into the early part of this […]

TNA Might Go Back To A 6-Sided Ring

Austin Aries Unhappy

The popular six-sided ring that TNA formerly used might be coming back. TNA recently held a poll asking fans if they’d like to see the six-sided ring make a comeback. The results have been overwhelming so far, as many want to […]

2014 A Bad Year For Pro Wrestling Fans

Undertaker Defeated

2014 has been a bad year to be a pro wrestling fan as a lot of unexpected things have happened. Let’s start off with TNA, as a lot of longtime stars have now left the company. Popular figures like Sting, […]

If Kurt Angle Wants To Return To WWE, Would Vince McMahon Welcome Him Back?

Kurt Angle

Everyone seems to understand that TNA is a sinking ship. They’ve already struck the iceberg and water is violently flooding the hull. Every few days you hear about another performer who has left the company. One name that’s been heavily […]

Kurt Angle Likely Done With TNA After ACL Surgery; WWE Return Only Matter of Time

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle and TNA appear to be headed for a breakup. It’s been widely speculated for months now that it’s only a matter of time before Angle makes his return to WWE. He’s hinted at it in interviews and on […]

Can Global Force Wrestling Beat TNA?

Global Force Wrestling Logo

With Jeff Jarrett starting Global Force Wrestling, does TNA have any reason to worry about it? TNA is suffering from hard times right now. In the last few years, they’ve lost a ton of talent. AJ Styles, Sting, Christopher Daniels […]

MVP Should Attack Complacent WWE Programming


Remember the Monday Night Wars? Great television was developed because of competition. In the wrestling world, there was nothing better. Back in the day when Triple H was less annoying, he donned an army helmet and raided the WCW headquarters […]

TNA Lockdown Was Good But Lacked A Crowd


TNA Lockdown was on this past weekend and it was better than expected. The only thing ruining the atmosphere was the small crowd. Lockdown has always been one of TNA’s best events since their inception in 2002. TNA did the […]

Still No TV Deal Between WWE and NBCU, TNA Future in Doubt


It’s been more than two weeks since the exclusive negotiating period between WWE and NBCUniversal expired, and no new television deals have been announced. The WWE has been on the open market since the negotiating period ended. USA Network and SyFy, […]

TNA Impact’s Reality Television Style Proving Effective


TNA reminded me a reality show last night. The wrestlers were not just performers; they were people that everyone could relate with. There were real life situations showcased that revealed the business behind the wrestling industry — its glory and […]

Christian Could Be Leaving WWE Soon

Christian In WWE Talking

Christian may not to be interested in extending his current contract with the WWE. Does this mean he’s going to retire? Christian came back to the WWE in 2009 in hopes of getting another huge push. During that time, he became […]