WWE Stock Takes A Huge Bodyslam

WWE Network Apps

Ever since the WWE announced its new TV deal, the stock price for the company has plummeted big time. The WWE had hoped it could double or even triple its current TV deal with NBC Universal. The current deal is worth […]

WWE Programming Stays With NBC Universal

John Cena on Raw

NBC Universal is set to keep WWE on their channels as both sides have reached a new agreement. NBC Universal owns USA Network and Syfy channels, which are both on cable television. Raw will stay as three hours on USA […]

WWE Looking To Improve TV Ratings


The WWE is currently looking to boost its TV ratings so that they can earn more money from TV rights. This is the main reason why Raw had that exciting 12-man tag-team match. Usually, a match like that would only […]

Will WWE Network Ever Come?

CM Punk in WWE

The WWE Network was supposed to get off the ground in April 2012. It’s now late 2013 and there has been no further announcements on it. WWE initially had big plans for its own network. They initially wanted it to […]

WWE’s Second Quarter Earnings Prove That TV-PG Is Working

WWE's Official Facebook Page

A lot of people tend to knock WWE for it’s stance on being TV-PG. I have been vocal about some issues I have had with it myself, but the one that is a glaring fact is that WWE is most […]

The Rock Proves He’s Still A Ratings Success

The Rock WWE Champion

Whether you love him or you hate him, The Rock still proves to be a major draw for the WWE. His WWE Title win at the Royal Rumble made lots of fans tune into Monday Night Raw this week. Bringing […]